Thursday, July 25, 2013

I WANT THAT SHIP: Germans Build Half-Scale Darth Vader Tie Fighter

You can keep your Millenium Falcon's and your 'Punch it Chewie!', the jet-fighter from the Star Wars films I always thought rocked the Casbah was the Tie Fighter. Not only did it make an awesome sound as it sliced through the cosmos, it was quick, deadly and just looked flat out cool. Yes, when adult-life finally delivers my penthouse, it will be a Tie Fighter I'll be parking on the heli-pad.

Snatching my lotto winning dream from me before it can happen however are the folks at Project X1 Props, who have created this 1:2 scale replica of Darth Vader's Tie Fighter. Germans are known for amazing feats in the world of automotive engineering and these Germans are no exception, turning 1,000 man hours and $20,000 into this jaw-dropper, set for Star Wars - Celebration Europe.

 What do you think?  For more photos of the ultimate bad boy, visit Project X1 Props on Facebook after the jump!


  1. Don't worry Dan. We still have Optimus to build. And push comes to shove we can steal..I mean buy *cough* this one too. :)
    Although I have to say I would prefer the Millenium Falcon, I wouldn't sneeze at the chance to sit in this cockpit. It truly is marvelous.

  2. That's lucky Random - I tried to start building my own one of these in the lounge last night from popsicle sticks and the like (you know having a good carbon footprint and all) but the people I'm living with just didn't share my vision, especially when it blocked the TV.

    'Acquiring' this one sounds a lot more of a crowd pleasing idea. On this end anyway.

  3. Until it "accidentally" lands on the tv. Oops.

  4. oh those German sure know how to build good tie-fighters as well as cars.

  5. Hey Dave! Yup I wouldnt mind a German automobile in my garage... dont know what theyd take in trade for my old bomb though, maybe sympathy!