Friday, July 26, 2013

I'M THOR! NO I'M THOR! The Top 6 Cosplay Costumes From Comic Con 2013

You know what, there sure are a lot of Wonder Woman's at a Comic Con'. And Harley Quinn's, Joker's and Deadpool's. Thankfully Norman Chan is developing a bit of a San Diego Comic Con tradition, where he makes like Peter Parker, and snaps as many cosplayers as he can find, capturing their cool in high-quality photos. This year his gallery is 864 photos in depth. Jesus, that's like a telephone number.

While my favourite number three is easier to handle, it doesn't make for a very good list. So double that, and I have my top six from Norman's amazing gallery. Criteria being originality and how much the cosplayer has taken on the character in look, attitude and stance;

6) MOCKINGBIRD How could I be the Avengers West fan I am and leave this one off? This lady suits the character so well, I feel like Hawkeye's going to say "Eyes off" if I stare too long.

5) THE WASP The original Wasp outfit has never been beaten. It screams classic sci-fi with that cone-ish head and basic colour scheme. Now the look of this founding Avenger is retro-cool as well.

4) NAMOR If this dude just wanted to show his bod, he could've joined the 300 plus showing up as Spartans. Namor is one of Marvel's first (and often overlooked) characters, so it's good he still gets a nod.

3) JUDGE DREDD This lady is so in-tune with the attitude of Mega City One, she looks less 'cosplay' and more like an unreleased film poster!

2) VENOM Now Marvel's main symbiote may not be all that original as a cosplay option, but how this guy has designed his suit to showcase the elasticity of Spidey's main rival, is just freakin' cool.

Not only does it thankfully cover all his human unmentionables, it really highlights the slimy nature of Spider-Man's former alien costume.

 1) NIGHTWING  Score two for the blue heroes with staves! Like the Mockingbird lassie, this guy has really taken on the attitude of Dick Grayson, and looks like a natural leader of the Titans should.

If I had a costume this wicked, I would literally do everything in it. From reading my comics in bed, to standing in line at the Motor Vehicle Department and vacuuming. Who wouldn't?

 What do you think?  For more cosplay including a tonne of Wolverines, Ms Marvel and a Batwoman to die for, visit Norman's amazing and extensive gallery right after the jump.


  1. I love that original Wasp costume. She's got a microphone. I've always dug that. And she actually looks like she stepped off the page.
    But man, that Nightwing...I think I would have followed him around the rest of the con. Just know...make sure bits of costume didn't fall off. Or to help keep track of his sticks. That kind of thing. Yeah.

  2. I was just flipping through the rest of his gallery, and I must say one of my favorites has to be the zombie Galactus...holding up the tiny figure of the Silver Surfer. Very cute.

  3. all great costumes but the Judge Anderson and Night wing steal the show for me. never been into Witch Blade but i could be . . . into that Witch Blade cosplay for sure. indeed sometimes less is more.

  4. Those cosies sure look cool. Fans put a lot of effort into them. My Doctor Who conventions from the late 80s consisted of fans dressing like the Brigadier or Romana [and they were blokes!].
    Of all the ones featured here, the Wasp stands out a mile [always liked that bullet-shaped helmet of hers, very retro], and there seemed a lot of Batgirl cosplayers also there.

  5. Thanks guys! Looks like I'm not the only fan of the original Wasp get-up!

    @Random I dug the little surfer attached to Galactus's shoulder too. I had about five others I found it hard to leave out. There's some truly talented cosplaying minds out there for sure!

    @Dave thought you'd dig the Witchblade number mate. I'm not into skanky cosplay, but her attitude and manner keep her out of that list. She really makes the character pop!

    @Karl I've heard awesome things about those UK Dr Who conventions bud, I wish I could have experienced one. One of the photos I found hardest to leave out is a Batwoman one, so I'm going to add that to the IADW Facebook page. I mean it's Batwoman! How can that cosplay not work?

  6. Where can i get that night wing suit like that guy

  7. Hey Golen! It looks like it's homemade from a series of paintball and Xtreme sports gear. If you decide to make on, let us know how you get on!