Monday, July 15, 2013

MOMENTS IN COOL: Spider-Man And Elektra Talk Star Trek, Well Kind Of

If you think Wolverine is a man of extremes you should see his phonebook. The variety of people he allies himself with created one hell of a great moment recently in the pages of Savage Wolverine. Finding themselves alone at Wolverine's pad, Spider-Man attempts to small talk with Elektra, who has other ideas...

Only Peter Parker would start a conversation with a Greek assassin by asking if she's seen the new Star Trek film. Love it. And the wall-crawler's right too, what are Elektra's powers - aside from not catching her death running around at night in a red Christmas ribbon?

Written by Zeb Wells and drawn by Joe Madureira (Spidey's never looked better), you can catch the rest of the equally brilliant issue, by hunting out a copy of Savage Wolverine #6. You'll be glad you did.

 What do you think? 


  1. What? Doesn't everybody ask that right off the bat?

  2. I thought they did, especially if they're sci-fi geeks.
    Maybe she's more of a Man of Steel fan;)
    Love Joe mad's art s always, especially the way he nails facial expressions, as we see even on Spidey's masked face.

  3. Sometimes Random, I don't even need to meet people first, I'll just shout it out the window at strangers as I drive past. Then I send the theatre a bill for my audience generating efforts. Hey secondary incomes don't just find themselves!

    Dale, I can see Elektra liking Man of Steel too, at least she could relax there. With Nolan's Dark Knight she probably critiques the fighting styles out loud duting the film, but people fon't throw popcorn at her because, well she's a ninja. But they'd like to.

    And you are right - Joe Mad + Spidey = Gold.

  4. Ha ha, too right. She probably would critique Batman, especially when he gets his ass handed to him by Bane.

  5. Yes, that was deserving of a critic :)
    Spidey is Marvel's ultimate geek. this was so in character... And funny!

  6. It sure was - mind you sticking to walls must be a hard one to impress the ladies with! Unlike The Hulk, the name impresses on it's own. Like muscles are really a cross to bare...