Saturday, July 27, 2013

NEW MUTANT, DOOP OR MOUTHY MERC? What Five Make Your X-Force Film Roster?

The X-Men's Doom Patrol of sorts, X-Force is headed to the big-screen, further expanding upon Fox's rights to the mutant side of Marvel. Spearheaded by the film's writer, Jeff Wadlow and Fox's comic creative consultant, Mark Millar, the latter has recently remarked to Slashfilm that the roster for the on-screen incarnation stands at five.

The only trouble with five members, is the cult comic has had just as many incarnations. The New Mutants who evolved into the originals, the nomadic purple and yellow crew, Mike Allred's indie group, Wolverine's first team, and the hit Uncanny X-Force bunch. And that's just for starters - more are listed in between the cracks!

While I pray they don't oversaturate the X-films with Wolverine and give Hugh Jackman a miss, I'm thinking the five bullets in the studio's chamber will be Cable, Domino, Cannonball, Psylocke and Deadpool (the last two, setting right events in X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine respectively). 

Putting the studio picks in the holster, here are my cast and plot choices, should I become 'Mega-big Kahuna' on the X-Force movie;

CABLE - Stephen Lang Anyone doing X-Force without Cable is a buttmunch and Mark Millar is no buttmunch. If you've watched Avatar, you will have seen Stephen Lang's amazing audition for the role of post-apocalyptic futuristic mutie, playing Colonel Miles Quaritch.

DOMINO - Lena Headey I'd love Rebecca Romijn revived as Mystique, but the femme fatale of X-Force has to be Domino. In 300, Dredd and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Lena combined beauty and power, and would again as Cable's most trusted lieutenant.

DANI MOONSTAR - Rosario Dawson Pick New Mutants or leave them for their own film? With Sunspot (and X-Forcer Warpath) already cast for Days of Future Past, I'm grabbing archer Dani Moonstar. Rosario stole hearts in Sin City, her uncle is comic artist Gustavo Vazquez, and she co-created the comic Occult Crimes Taskforce. Add to that her grandmother is Apache / Seminole and you'll see she has the right mix of fandom and ancestry to play the Cheyenne illusionist with respect.

RICTOR - Jensen Ackles While his boyfriend Shatterstar is more of an iconic X-Forcer, Rictor clicks more naturally for me in a 'debut line-up' sense. Another former New Mutant, he suits Jensen Ackles (Batman: Under The Red Hood, Supernatural and Dark Angel), an actor known for shaking things up with his acting prowess. As for Rictor's BF BFF Shatterstar, freeing slave's on the Hunger Games-ish Mojo World (of which 'Star was originally one) would make for a pretty awesome sequel.

ARCHANGEL - Ben Foster In salvaging as much good as possible from X-Men: The Last Stand, having Ben reprise his role as Warren Worthington's apocalyptic transformation, would play to the diversity of the man behind The Punisher's Spacker Dave, giving him all new metallic wings to fly with. 

 THE PLOT:  Following Days of Future Past, the world is more volatile than ever. The animal kingdom has delivered an unstoppable 'legacy virus', and news tells of a South American shaman punishing tribes who do not join his search with starvation. In Asia a similar hunt through ancient grounds is leading various clans to civil war, and all the while in Egypt, a former slave is rising in the desert.

Time-sliding to the present, Cable knows Apocalypse is responsible - and what he is after. Seeking to evolve even further, he seeks the Egg of the Phoenix, lost to the winds as Jean Grey died. To confront the 'God', Cable recruits a woman whose powers grow stronger in fear, a man for whom the earth moves and a woman with the probabilty to twist the extreme odds in their favour. As this 'X-Force' battles the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Cable knows, if they can't sway the mind of winged death where a noble man once stood, his mother may never be reborn, and his future, let alone his own life may end before it has even begun. 

 What do you think?  Who would make your five folk X-Force line-up? Feral, Fantomex, Boomer, Sabretooth and Maverick maybe? Let me know!


  1. I like your line up. I can't think of one damn thing wrong with it. Mostly because I'd love to see all of those actors play those parts, and I want to see all of them onscreen. Only thing is, the limit is five. And I'd dearly want to see Dani and Cannonball together. They've been together at the beginning and intermittently ever since, and if two people (other than Cyclops and Jean Grey) epitomize the nucleus of a team it's those two. I see them together and I feel rock solid. Even if they're arguing. Now, I don't know if movie going audiences will necessarily feel that. Probably not. In the history of x books that's a little bit more in the background. But if you're just asking what I'd like to see, I would like to see Dani and Sam have screen time together.
    Unlike you, I never ever want to see Rebecca Romijn as Mystique again. Or that Mystique at least. I did not like her. Not one little bit. Not the make up. Not the writing. Not the acting. And I agree that Domino is a character that should be in any X-Force movie.

  2. Cannonball was a hard one to leave on the sidelines Random, as were Magma and Wolfsbane, - when I first started narrowing down my five I thought it was going to read like a New Mutants movie (please, please, please) but I'm glad with the five I rolled out with too.

    I think Dani would be an instant hit character once audiences get to see her, she'd humanise the team well, and for me she's a natural filler for spot #3.

  3. i'm not familiar with the Rictor character but the casting call here is solid with one exception. Ben Foster is a good actor but he's not Warren Worthington to me that was all wrong. a better Angel would have been the guy who played Oliver Queen from Smallville would have been perfect.

  4. also, golly gee Dan couldn't you have used some X-Force clip art from Rob Liefeld here? :)
    in response to your comment on the ROM blog Dan i'm glad you liked that mystery piece sketch art. but i saw if you want to see a character or concept on paper do it yourself and save some money. you can do it Dan it just like when i was thinking of a cosmic piece with Rom, Silver Surfer, Quasar and Nova.

  5. Thanks for backing my picks up Dave. Rictor is a bit of an outside pick I guess, but he was such a part of the team for so long, opens the door for Shatterstar, and has vibration powers which would come off great on screen.

    As for using Rob's art, I thought that could be a little predictable so used it as a chance to show of Mike Mignola's awesome pin-up from issue #4. Actually looking back over the titles artist library, Portacio's run really looks Hollywood friendly.

    Re sketch art, I think you are right. I'm currently trying to make Beta Ray Bill work. At the moment I'm still struggling away in pencil on it. Cheers for the support!

  6. Rictor is a perfect pick. But then I've always liked him. Like you when I sat back to think it really started to look more like a New Mutants movie, but with Cable and Domino. Which probably isn't what they're going for.
    Dani would definitely be a hit, and I love your casting call for her. Rosario Dawson is who I've always pictured in my head for her. Of course, I'm all for putting her in as many movies as possible.
    I didn't mind Ben Foster as Archangel, but having just finished all ten seasons of Smallville, I really loved the guy who played Ollie. And I have to agree with Dave, here, I think he'd make a good Warren. (I also think he would have made a great, oh, I don't know, GREEN ARROW. If only they were doing a show...)

  7. I agree Random, Green Arrow was the best part of Smallville. How he never spun out is a wonder.

  8. Man I've been contemplating on this one for days. You've got an all star line up again. You even included Rictor, who I've always liked.

    My line up would be

    Apocalypse would be the big villain.
    His four Horsmen would be

    War: Bishop
    Pestilence: Caliban
    Famine: Ahab
    Death: Archangel

    This way we can get a drag out fight between Cable and Bishop. We get Psylocke/Archangel and all the other connections to Cable/Bishop and Apocalyse as well. What do think?

    Dan maybe you can help me out with the casting, cause your cast was A plus (except Angel). B plus then. Help me cast anyway.

  9. That is an awesome line-up OA - Psylocke is someone I've always struggled to fancast, and as yet can't nail that one down, as much as I would like to.

    Wolfsbane to me though goes straight to Thandie Newton. Everytime I watch her in Chronicles of Riddick I think yip, there's a Wolfsbane waiting inside you, that's for sure!

    Nice choice getting Caliban introduced too. With the snifferdog in the mix, that opens the door for the Morlock Massacre to occur and Mr Sinister to take the screen! As he's after Cyclops and Jeans genetic material, he could easily come hunting X-Force in a sequel too.

  10. Yes Sir. You can see how good this X-Force thing can play out. We'll see what they do though.