Friday, July 12, 2013

OH THE INHUMANITY! New Marvel Event Shatters Royals, Creates New Characters And... Is That Nightcrawler?

We've all been there. Walked into a bathroom or changing room where a previous occupant has filled the air with so much deodorant you can barely breathe. For some, the un-thoughtfulness drives the victim into a Hulk like rage, others who like the smell take an upbeat Jubilee approach and every now and then you get a comic fan smirking - wondering what powers their own 'Terrigen Mist' has bestowed upon them - should they survive.

After all, the royal family of the Inhumans were given their fantastic powers by similar (albeit extraterrestrial) experimentation, who's to say the rest of Earth won't eventually be treated the same? Well they will, this December.

Following current Marvel event Infinity, Inhumanity will launch, centred around a new ongoing title Inhuman, written by Matt Fraction. Starring Black Bolt, his shattered royal family, and thanks to a re-release of the Terrigen Mists on Earth, potentially a whole host of new characters, average Joes turned more-than-average-Joes by the activation of their own dormant Inhuman cells, taking sides.

Revealed on, the sci-fi tale of alienation and 'coming out' will effect a number of other Marvel stars, many of whom are highlighted in the promotional art above, drawn by Steve McNiven. Upcoming Marvel movie stars Winter Soldier, Yondu and Falcon feature prominently alongside Silver Surfer and Thor - and could that be the return of the original Nightcrawler in the background?! God I hope so.

 What do you think? 


  1. I hope so too, Dan! What's more, that looks like the CLASSIC Spider-Man costume. . .

  2. Good spotting Doug! It does too.. It's a small think, but I miss any drawing of Spidey that doesn't have webs under the arms. I don't know why, I just do.

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. This could get real good real fast. I can picture what's about to go down. I'm on stand by.

  4. Likewise Tiger, with the range of characters on display in that image, it's hard not to have a favourite among them! Some of them (looking at The Falcon) have been needing more of a shove for a while!

  5. I'm assuming Falcon is on display because, aside from the cartoons, he's lined up for cinema appearances. I wish he was still a falconer rather than a flier; it was his USP. Obviously he's been flying for about 40 years but that doesn't make it right!

  6. Nightcrawler! Yay! I'm with you, OA, I think this could be great! I haven't been this excited about an event since Secret Wars.

  7. Googum posted the same thing story, so jinx on you Dan;)

    Like I was telling him, I wonder if the great run by DnA like War of Kings, and the separate mini-event, Silent War will be ignored acknowledged. either way, the concept sounds good, and at least it looks like Peter Parker and Nightcrawler are back. Don't ask me how they'll explain Kurt's return though. maybe a new one?

    Oh, and since Marvel's once more aping a well-known franchise, does hat mean we'll gt a "Red Wedding" in Inhumanity? Ha ha.

  8. God I adore the Inhumans...have followed them since their Amazing Adventures days. I know Fractions come in for some criticism for his FF writing but this looks good; wondered for a while how the Royal Family would cope after the War of The Four Cities and the fallout from War of Kings. Definitely getting this!

  9. The Red Wedding is famous TV cinema. I don't know if TV and cinema go together but I do know, it blew down the doors.

    Fellas, I want to see what Yondu is gonna do. The Alien Archer is an interesting dude (ugly uniform) but I like him, or I want to like him. Yondu don't let me down.

  10. @Dougie - It will be interesting to see which way they go. It's like Wonder Woman, every so often a creator ditches the flying element and takes her back to just a warrior princess. Falcon has been a man of the streets so long, maybe with his shot upcoming he'll be more of a glider than a flier?

    @Random Now if only Nightcrawler and Thor were on the same team huh Random? That would be pretty cool come to think of it!

    @Dale I think the inhuman history has to be touched on. I think you strengthen the concept by explaining and looking into how they've always been on the fringe. Sad that DC can't take that kind of approach anymore. As for Kurt's return I hope they tie it into Excalibur - maybe the dimension at the bottom of the lighthouse? He blked for that team heart and soul so I think it would be good for the mythical isles to call him home. How a man of faith turns away from heaven though that's the real story :)

    I also have to admit I have no idea what a red wedding is, but I'm guessing that's a Game of Thrones reference?

    @You know Karl I think we have pretty much the same tastes in comics. I think more Fantastic Four based concepts need a little light, and while the inhumans coming to earth will have a lot of ground to explore, I'm looking forward to seeing how Namor takes to a new king in town.

    Tiger - Me too. I'm glad that era of Guardians hasn't been forgotten. Starhawk and co held the brand high for so long!

    Thanks for all the great comments folks!

  11. Yep, that's exactly what it is Dan. Google or wiki it. You'll get the joke then:)