Wednesday, July 03, 2013

RANDOM WORK OF WOW: Daredevil Concept Art By Warren Manser

Sometimes you stumble across a portfolio where the artist only has a couple of comic based pieces, other times there can be just one work so brilliant, you'd risk being stoned to death by fellow art lovers for putting something else beside it. These are Random Works of Wow and illustrating the point this week is Warren Manser with Daredevil.

Yes, on his portfolio website Warren does have up all his equally astounding concept art for films like Man of Steel and Thor, but it was this shot that had me wanting a 'frame and print' button on my laptop (okay it would have to be a 'print and frame' button if you're picky).

Sure writer Mark Waid is doing great stuff on the current Daredevil book, but I think I prefer my Daredevil slightly darker of centre as he is here. As for 'Wasn't Elektra in that film too?' Why yes, yes she was;

Yip, there was Daredevil movie concept art of Elektra in her red ribbon outfit and they ran with black leather. Talk about Kingpins of crime!

 What do you think?  Sound off below. View more Random Works of Wow here or to see more of Warren's art, click here.


  1. The Daredevil is good, but that Elektra is gorgeous!

  2. I know Random - I think Elektra drawn right (as Joe Mad is currently doing in Savage Wolverine) is one of comics best costumes. How they ditched it for the movie to make her look more Matrix rather than Greek is beyond me.

  3. Just one of the many things about that movie that pulled me out of it. I could never believe that was really Elektra.
    What's sad is, she (as a character) really does deserve her own movie. But I'd like it if they followed the old storyline. Ending with her being resurrected and wearing the white version of the outfit. Hey, in that case you could even have the Black Widow in the movie. Oh, and Daredevil too. Talk about a slam dunk.