Saturday, July 13, 2013

THAT'S NOT A CAR DENT, IT'S MY NINJA TURTLE! Artist Turns Lemons Into Leonardo

Sure we can all lie on a field from time to time, look up and say "Gee, that cloud looks like...." but when someone dings your pride and joy, it's hard to see the damage with such positive creative vision. Proving there's never a problem in life a decent imagination and a sharpie can't fix, Z32Drifter turned one such dent into a pretty familiar face...

While only Krang maybe eviler than a prang, now all this guy needs is three more matching dings on his car to complete the set - unless of course the car gets Shreddered first.

 What do you think? 


  1. Ha ha, this is clever as fuck. A very creative and clever way to both hide/distract an unsightly dent your car. Kudos to this guy for coming up with this one!

    So does that mean his car now runs on turtle power? ha ha.

  2. Lol Turtle power - nice one Dale! You're right though, suddenly I'm hoping the dent doesn't get fixed!