Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Man, I used to LOVE the action-figure antics of TV's Action League Now!. Sadly today, there's more of a drought when it comes to toys getting into compromising and hilarious situations, unless of course you are at Dale Bagwell's blog Mr Morbid's House of Fun. 

One of my favourite reads, it's always a reliable laugh and like any decent PC-stomper, no subject is taboo. In tipping the hat to the work of Dale and his limitless collection of 'actors', I have created this tale of The Worst Case Avengers! Enjoy!

 Will Cap agree with War Machine?  Click here to read part two!

 What do you think?  To see Dale's work (that is completely responsible for encouraging this behaviour) be sure to visit Mr Morbid's House of Fun after the jump!


  1. That...was...BRILLIANT!!! Dragging an old god into the present turning into a yo momma joke. Oh Dano, that should be on Robot Chicken.
    You even slipped Batman in there! Excellent use of superfluous figures. :)
    I love a good Yo Momma joke. I don't think I'd ever be stupid enough to tell one to Thor...but I don't wear body armor.
    Good job mate. :)

  2. Right? Truly, truly impressed mate. I owe you a pint or two, that's for damn sure! :)

    It's funny you added that yo momma joke, since me and random were just talking about that last week, and how weird it'd be to hear Dr. Doom say one.

    Again, thx for the free plug. You're a good egg;)

  3. Thanks you two!

    Glad you liked it and it went down well. You never want to mess with Thor's Ma, that's for sure.

    And hey - what isn't better with Batman? Though if it's going to be a post that earns me a free beer, it might not be the last :)

  4. Very funny - that blog is one of the most consistent in terms of Robot Chicken-lite using of action figures. Always good for a laugh!

  5. Thanks Karl mate, hope the week is treatin' ya right so far!

  6. @Karl: Awww, bless ya Karl ya big softie you....but hopefully not with the missus am I right? wink ,wink, nod , nod, same no more:)

    @Dan: It's as good as done Dan. I'll pay you in free beer for more of these skits:)

  7. Friend Dan thou aret a natural.

  8. Hey OA - thanks for that! 'A natural' - is that a nice way of saying I'm a mutant? You're not about to chase me out of town with a mob are you?

    Thanks for the comments!