Monday, July 22, 2013

UNDER NEW AU-THOR-ITY: Walt Simonson Brings Ragnarök And Thor To IDW

Walt Simonson had already hit Comic Con 2013, with the news IDW would be publishing one of their crazily cool Artist Edition collections of his cult Star Slammers tale (including regular collections featuring the planet full of mercenaries), but then things took a turn for the Norse.

Announcing a 2014 debut for Ragnarök at IDW, Walt plans to revisit some of the names he toyed with in his seminal run on Marvel's Thor, in all-new and wild ways.

An ongoing series of stories, Ragnarök will use the Norse mythology that is public domain and inject a large dose of fantasy. The raging Thor that plunders the past in this book, evolved out of the Legends of the North gallery the legend built on The Official Walter Simonson Facebook Page.

Stating on CBR he hopes to write, draw and ink his stylized take on the Norse Pantheon, (who are at times all too mortal) the line between good Gods and good Gods doing bad has never looked more brutal.

 What do you think? 


  1. This can only be epic.

  2. It's like Thor MAX - which I guess when you consider the Norse tales, is kind of how they were originally told. Thanks Random!

  3. Ive just got the John Byrne edition of Artists Edition Fantastic Four - an absolute mammoth book, and a hefty price tag of £90, but its FF so its worth it!

  4. They sure are stunners Karl! May favourite so far is the one for Daredevil: Born Again, which stands tall above my desk. A Hellboy Artists Edition was announced at SDCC - that would be something too!