Friday, August 09, 2013

ALL IT TAKES IS A BOTTLE OF JACKS: Punisher Short Film Does Frank Justice

The curse of doing a shared universe in movies, is the fact it can be harder to tie certain heroes in with the shiny armours and shields of the Avengers - characters like Ghost Rider, Blade and Punisher.

Sometimes The Punisher films alone get caught in that pull. Go down the Marvel Knights road and tread a more graphic yet psychologically thrilling path or take off the rougher edges, so one day if Spider-Man swings through the set, he won't look too out of place.

The film best showing the power of option one, is the short Dirty Laundry. Starring Sons of Anarchy frontman Ron Perlman and Thomas Jane reprising his outstanding knack at playing Frank Castle, this former Comic Con debut deserves it's own mainstream DVD release.

Now be warned, while it really shows the lengths Frank goes to not get involved, his perspective and nomadic simple life, it is The Punisher, so language and violence do hit the fan sometime after you click play.

 What do you think? 


  1. that was cool they used the music from when The Joker crashed that dinner party scene in Batman begins. by the way did i mention i saw Thomas Jane at that con in San Jose back in May?

  2. Now you mention it I remember you did Dave - if I ever spoke with him I think I'd be ready to duck and roll incase he pulled a gun at any moment. You know, force of habit kinda stuff!

  3. Damn good short film! Someone explain to me why Thomas Jane didn't do the sequel 'cause he kills it as the Punisher.

    @Shlomo: You say Thomas Jane in person? You didn't go all Wayne's World on him and be like "I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!" ha ha

  4. He sure does Dale, I love how he uses the public to differentiate between Justice and Punishment. See he even did some comics for Image a while back.

  5. Also on a Trivia note, the director has said they originally were going to end with a shot of Captain America's shield sitting in Frank's car but didn't run with it, as it didn't quite fit. Do you think it would've added or subtracted?

  6. Distracted. It has no place there, and it doesn't add or relate to the story being told, unless there was a direct planned follow up.

    Love how he let the hooker light that asshole up though. PUNISHment indeed.

  7. I think so too. I think Cap in a society this far from the American Dream would be asking questions Marvel rarely lets him answer.

  8. Dan youd certainly have to duck and run if Thomas Jane ever pulled anything on you - I heard years before he became famous he used to er, 'help out' men when he was short of money.
    Personally Id have took a paper round. Can you imagine what the Punisher would've made of THAT[!].
    But this short film is good thrills all round - forget that Dolph Lungren fiasco it was Jane who really made that Punisher film, and despite making next to no money it had a decent fan following, fairly faithfull to its subject matter in the main. The only thing that distracted me about the film was his all-too obvious black hair-dye job.
    He really should do a sequel, even if its straight to video [I mean DVD, showing age again Karl] and try and slip him into the next big-budget Marvel movie. The Punisher with his attitude is almost the Anti-Cap in a way, isn't he, the polar opposite to the American Dream - but then their obsession with guns as the answer to everything kind of holds true dearer to Castle than it ever could to Steve Rogers...

  9. That's a pretty philosophical bent you've got 'yaself there mate - but you're bang on. To me Frank would see Steve as an Elvis Presley in a Guns n Roses world. Sure he's got the moves, but his Jailhouse Rock sensibilities don't were washed away in a November Rain. It's an all new Paradise City they're trying to save now, and with a more realistic less idealised view, it's almost safer with Frank behind the trigger.

  10. It's two completely different mindsets isn't it? The Punisher was never meant to be an ideal. Frank Castle wasn't interested in that. He simply wanted to get rid of the monsters that killed his family. And then every other monster out there like them. It's purely revenge. Punishment. Outside of the law, the justice system. Outside of society. Because what was done to his family itself was outside of society.
    Captain America was the symbol of the American Soldier. Something very much within the bounds of rules and order. I don't think Frank would sneer at it. He just wouldn't see that Cap would exist within his world, nor he in Cap's, so to speak.