Thursday, August 22, 2013

BEHOLD THE DEVOURER OF WORLDS! Galactus Mural Looks Down On You

Continuing Monday's theme, we should all be thankful Stan Lee didn't look at Jack Kirby's sketches of Galactus and rename the character 'The Giant Pink Helmet'. Sure all the great helmet jokes were done by the movie Space Balls, but it doesn't mean we can't all be grateful.

'Galactus' sounds like a butt-kick waiting to happen. It tells you the guy is huge and with size being king, there's no better place for Drop HPC-ANC-TWP to prove just that, then capturing the Fantastic Four's infamous adversary mural size.

 What do you think?  For more great comic based street art, click here.


  1. That mural is just way too cool for school Dan!
    Love it!

  2. Thanks guys, glad you liked it. It's always good to see someone other than the usuals get some press, and that shot with his arms out stretched shows what a great pick Galactus is!

  3. Nuthin' wrong with having a big pink helmet, Dan...

    But what Id give for a giant Galactus Mural on my bedroom wall, and drawn by the King himself. That could look very 'trippy' coming in and seeing that after a night on the tiles.

  4. I'd rather have it on my stairwell, Karl. Reaching over the banister...oh yeah. I can just imagine the impact as someone walks in and flips on the light. Mwahaha.

  5. You're right Karl - speaking of which it's The King's Birthday next week - hopefully some of his best creations, like ol' Galactus here get included in the birthday celebrations!

    Random you're right, Galactus on the stairwell would be insane, especially if it came with a motorised Silver Surfer or Terrax (depending on mood) that rode the bannister in the direction you were heading!

    See - we should all market this stuff - we are brilliant at these ideas!

  6. We are! I can hear the imaginary millions rolling in now. *Kaching, kaching* Oh wait. That's my oven timer. Nevermind.

  7. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Galactus was one of Kirby's best ideas, but they really need to rethink that costume. At least they got rid of the big "G" on the front. I think that the Celestials was Jack's way of saying, "this is what I was really going for."

  8. I thing you are right Anon! The helmet's gotta stay winged and taller than his head in any redesign though, anything less and we'd just end up with a swirly cloud in space - and Fox movies have learnt from that!