Monday, August 19, 2013

BUY THAT MAN A BEER: Time Magazine Says Jack Kirby Created Today's Popular Culture

When I was a youngster hip-deep in comics, I knew I liked The Fantastic Four. I just didn't like their co-creator Jack Kirby. The he was called 'The King', the more it puzzled me. I'd look at his work and think 'What am I missing? These dots? These arched-legged poses?' Was I the only one on Earth adding two and two together and getting six?

It seems not. Through this site and life in general, I've met other people who rode the same train of thought. Like Graeme McMillan, a writer for the world's greatest red-bordered magazine, TIME, who says he is not sure what clicked for him first as to why Kirby is so great - I'm not sure either, I'm just glad that it did.

Right now, if I had to pick JUST TWO of Kirby's aspects as 'Why', I'd say awareness of his volume of quality creations (from Etrigan above to the Silver Surfer), and his stylistic use of black. Putting his realisation a lot more eloquently than I, Graeme has written an article for his globally prestigious employer, and told the world "Jack Kirby is The Most Important Artist You Might Not Have Heard Of".

Stating "At his peak, Kirby created popular culture as we know it today" I recommend you give it a read if you can. Touching on everything from the New Gods providing inspiration for Star Wars to the 'Kirby Krackle' and the way he drew all that technology the way he did, it really shows how Kirby stands the test of TIME.

 What do you think? 


  1. Anonymous9:10 pm

    It's about damn time.

  2. Kirby can do no wrong in my eyes, no wrong whatsoever.
    His influence is felt everywhere in comics, just everywhere. Even in the latest issue of Wonder Woman one can see the famous Kirby Krackle when Diana is held captive on New Genesis. His influence is so subtle in places that hardly anyone notices it but yes its there his work is that pervasive [in a good way]. He inspires EVERYBODY in the business.
    I just love him, love the man, love the work, his ethics, his legacy...I truly think if one dosent love the King one dosent love comics at all

  3. Thanks Anon for stopping by and commenting! I completely agree!

    Karl, I'm pretty glad in the Wonder Woman issues you speak of they left so much of the Kirby feel in the characters and environment. Taking the New Gods away from that previously was a sacrilegious move and I'm glad to see DC repent. Other than that I couldn't have put Kirby's legacy better.

  4. Neal Kirby - his son - wrote some very complimentsry things about his legendary father , and it makes for endearing reading.
    Go to the following;
    http// -marvel-memories-of-jack-kirbys-son/#/0
    or if you cannot access the link, try logging on to the LA Times website.
    [the Kirby in the above link is meant to be in lower case].

  5. thanks for the great link Karl - on another high-profile publication too. Oh well atleast mainstream media has it right!

  6. It's both good and sad that some people are just now learning about the man that can truly be called a legend. Good because it spreads the gospel of Kirby, but sad because EVERYONE should already know about this man and his works since they or they're kids seem them everyday.