Thursday, August 01, 2013

CRYING SHAME: Over £30,000 Worth Of Comics Unknowingly Turned Into Paper Man

Picture this; one day you are walking along, just thinking how great life is, when low and behold in the dumpster in front of you is a giant stack of comics! Now you and I would instantly phone up the boss and take tomorrow off, before we even looked at what issues they were, and stocked up on enough M&M's to have a sit-in comic reading marathon, but not Andrew Vickers.

Committing as much of a crime against comicdom as the person who threw them away in the first place, Andrew assumed they were worthless, and created a paper mache sculpture dubbed 'Paperboy'. Only what he inadvertently stuck to his chicken wire frame was a collection of vintage comic books, seven of which have a non-mint condition value of £30,000 - including Avengers #1 from 1963.

According to comic store owner Steve Eyre, who visited the Heroes exhibition in Sheffield and discovered the tragedy “It would have been cheaper for Andrew to make this out of Italian marble because of the raw materials that have gone into it. I could have sold for a lot more than he is going to sell this statue for.”

Said Andrew to the BBC "I really love the idea of me creating something out of such expensive things that's worth less. I think it's brilliant." I can't comment.

 What do you think? 


  1. This was a major story over here in our British newspapers - its not just sacrilege to destroy precious comics that are a part of our treasured childhood, its also mindless stupidity.
    In my final year of school a comic-strip I helped create for a local newspaper was used similarly in a museum sculpture, but that was ok because a] it was old strips easily available and b] Id given permission. I would never advocate anyone doing this, though.
    Youd think some people would have more sense.

  2. That's both horrifying and incredible! And he had the actual extra change lying around to do all this? Even in these financially-recessed times?

    Crazy I tell ya, crazy!

  3. You guys are both right. What he lacks in sense he made up for in crazy. The cover to Avengers #1 is my favourite comic cover of all time. From it's hand drawn logo, to Kirby's art and the heroes names in splash bursts, it did a better job unveiling a gathering of earths mightiest, than the launch of the League that inspired it.

    Knowing that cover is somewhere in that sculpture has the Kirby fan inside me on his knees screaming 'Why?'

  4. It''s...not even a statue remotely related to comic books! Or good looking! And he...but...can he be arrested? Or sued? And for that matter, who's the jerk who threw out the comics?

  5. That was pretty much my take on it too Random! It almost doesnt look like a guy. And who throws out comics?!