Sunday, August 04, 2013

DON'T CALL HER BLACK WIDOW: The Intense Preview Of Epting and Brubaker's Velvet #1

Peanut butter and jam, Cloak and Dagger, artist Steve Epting and writer Ed Brubaker - somethings just go together so well no one cares to explain why. Now the hit creative team behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier are ramping up to debut their creator-owned Image comic this October, and as the gas pedal gets closer to the floor, the preview for the bumper sized first issue of Velvet is directly below.

Click to enlarge, to read this new dark twist on the spy genre...

 What do you think? 


  1. It's very apt that they named it Velvet. It is very much what their writing and art together feels like. You just sigh when you read the words and let your gaze move across the page, much like running your hands down the length of a velvet comforter.
    I almost wish I hadn't read the teaser. I want the rest of the comic now.

  2. Spy movies and comics always make driving off a cliff guns blazing look awesome. Epting behind the pencil, that's just intensified. While I'll resist the urge until my invincibility powers kick in, I'll be picking this issue up for sure.

  3. Epting was great when he drew the Fantastic Four last year. I thought his style - very brushed sketching, almost old-time British army boys- weekly static drawing - wouldn't fit the book but was relived it did just fine.
    I might get this Velvet.

  4. Epting's always been a dangerous man behind the pencil Karl, but going to CrossGen and taking on books like Crux and the criminally unsung El Cazador really brought out the best in him like nothing else!

    You're right about his style matching the old UK style too! I knew there was another reason why I liked it!