Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'M STILL TONY FROM THE BLOCK: Avengers Mural Keeps It On The JLo In Bangkok

Don't be fooled by the rocks dat he got, 'cos he's still Tony from the block. Stark used to have a little fanbase, now he has a lot, so no matter where he goes he knows where he came from. As I soak up my award for most leftfield Iron Man analogy, you can see exactly how far reaching Avenger fans have spread, with this hip-hot street art;

Spotted by Bailey Harman in Bangkok, Thailand, and based on promotional art for Capcom's Marvel video-games, this graffiti makes better use of the city, than the all of Hangover 2.

And if you're still puzzled about the intro and why it's so familiar, here's a little extra for you too. Hey it's Jennifer Lopez, who wouldn't post it?

 What do you think?  For more great comic based street art, click here.

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