Wednesday, August 07, 2013

NOW CAN I ADD FIRESTORM? Iconic Alex Ross Justice League Painting Sells At Auction

If you need a DC Fan to hush just long enough so you can get a word in, all you have to do is show them the Justice League shot below by superstar painter Alex Ross. No matter how many times DC-ittes see the legendary leaguers posing in Washington DC, it always draws a moment of appreciation at it's beauty and line-up. See watch (click to enlarge this graphic - you've not seen it this big, in hi-res before);

Jeepers, it really does make you a DC fan all over again. Now before your DC fanatic in question launches back into their speech, fuelled by topics such as 'Why Firestorm isn't in the picture' or 'Why Wonder Woman is looking at Atom like an appetiser', you might want to point out the original artwork for this image recently went up for auction, selling for a mere $38,837.50 (US).

While that's also the wage of the guy I would hire to protect it from being torn, stained or touched, 'The live phone bidder' that won the battle of price tags at Heritage Auctions, is already entertaining future offers on his prize.

Me, I'd take the week off work and sit in front of the glass wall and motion sensor guard dog I'd placed it behind (aka super-alert household kitty), and just gasp in awe for a day or two, then practise saying 'Why yes Superman, I do accept. 'bout time.'

 What do you think? 


  1. One of the greatest works of art I've ever seen. What's missing? The same thing that makes me love this team is the same thing that makes me hate the League.

    The Obelisk in the background is the finishing touch to this post colonial statement.

  2. Hey LJ - welcome to IADW and cheers for the comments! I'm right with ya, I think this is one of the greatest images comics have ever inspired. That price tag showing we aren't the only ones who thought so.

    I still rember the first time I saw it I only spied the Flash / Hawkman / Green Lantern half, but that was enough to be hooked.

  3. Amazing image! I think the first time I ever saw it was in a Wizard Magazine (geez, showing my age). I had this as my desktop wallpaper for years!

    Really breathtaking. Now, since you mentioned Firestorm... It breaks my heart that Alex Ross never includes Firestorm in his work. From what I've heard, Alex considers "his JLA" to have ended around the time Iris West was killed (therefore, before Firestorm was part of the League). I can't find that in writing, but that's what I've always heard. Shame too because he would totally rock drawing the Nuclear Man!

    The Irredeemable Shag

  4. I remember it from Wizard also.
    Dosent Alex Ross always do his paintings from real people; must be why some of his figures sometime are so oddly placed about, like models.
    He was everywhere in the 90s, almost to excess one might say, but these days no one has an idea what Ross is up to, apart from covers for Dynamio forces.

  5. Thanks guys! I'm with you Shag, though it would have been nice for Ross to bend the era gap just a smidge. It seems so odd having Red Tornado and not Ronnie as well, I know Red was earlier, but I always mentally group them together for some reason!

    Karl, Ross is also back on one of his greatest projects too, the latest series of Kurt Busiek's Astro City. Kurt does with words what Alex does with paint, so it really is win-win.