Thursday, August 08, 2013

NOW COMES THE COSPLAYER: Legendarios Juju Salimeni As Skin-Painted Spider-Man

Legendarios is a TV smash that prides itself on being a talent quest that doesn't humiliate, show prejudice or "a lack of scruples" as it brings creativity and fun to Saturday nights.

With unique content for those who chose to interact with the show online, the Legendarios team recently turned more heads than usual, when star Juju Salimeni appeared live, bodypainted Spider-Man style.

Okay, so bodypaint isn't quite cosplay, but it's close enough. With her Captain America-ish boots, this 'Spider-Woman' probably converted a whole bunch of fans to Marvel Comics with every step.

Painted by W. Verissimo, you can check out a full 'behind the scenes' gallery of the costume's creation, after the jump.

 What do you think? 


  1. That's confidence in She looks good though. And the artist did a great job.

  2. oh yeah those Spanish language TV shows always feature plenty of "talent".

  3. Ummm yum! Now that's a "costume" I can really get behind, wink wink;)

    ella es muy muy caliente y guapa!

  4. Dan, you broke Dale.

  5. Thanks folks - guess Jessica Drew isn't the only Spider-Woman who lets off pheromones!

    Dave, Legandarios is Portuguese, it's a TV show from Brazil - but like the Spanish, Brazil is a home of crazy fun antics, celebrations and beach bodies!

    I broke Dale? You can't sue! I'm in another country! Cavat Empty - reader beware! ;)

  6. aw man i should have known better i've only been to Brazil like 3 times.

  7. It's all good guys I'm not broke(well wallet-wise yes;) but my equipment works just well, as I'd love to show the lovely ms.Juju Salimen how the sun doth rise betwixt her cheeks;)

    in layman, I'd love to hit, and hit it good(right Devo?)