Friday, August 02, 2013


Cosplay, it's an artform all on it's own, so it needs a bit of space. This week, showing for the winsome Wasp, whatever the size it's always the right fit, is this cosplay art from the gallery of Jay Tablante.

Yeah that's right, The Wasp. The best Avengers leader ever, leaping off Iron Man's shoulder and straight into the thick of it. And how perfectly matched is this cosplayer's face? Hank, you're a lucky guy.

 What do you think? 


  1. hey Dan that's a good one it reminds me of one of my photoshop jobs. she even looks like Janet.

  2. Holy Shit! She does! And hot too, damn!!!!
    She can do a fly by me anytime;)

  3. Who dosent love the winsome Wasp?
    I think shes one of the few heroines who everyone likes, her flightiness, her flirting, her extravagance of wealth that is rather gauche, the cute way she used to make Hank jealous in their early days so he'd notice her, her many costumes [I liked the off-the-shoulder blue and white costume, the worst is the black and yellow one that she been seen in a lot over the past ten years.].

    As a child I used to mistake the Avengers comic with the Avengers tv show [the one with Steed, et al] and in my befuddled child's mind I used to confuse Miss Van Dyne with Linda Thorson [well, c'mon they had the same hairstyle!].
    The wonderful, winsome Wasp - how we adore her.

  4. I'm with Shlomo, they found a dead ringer. And then did a great job with the background. Sweet!

  5. Thanks folks - I couldn't believe it when I saw it myself, she really is Janet live!

    I have to admit though I did get the Wasp Marvel Legends figure once as a gift from friends that went to the UK and were talked into the purchase as a hot character by the comic store attendant. I actually gave the figure away. Janet is awesome in the comics, but yeah not on my list of action figure must haves.

  6. Wow, perfect match up for Ms Van Dyne. Janet is the female Tom Hanks of comics. She's so easy to like (We love you Jan). I don't know what was up with Hank.

    This cosplayer is a perfect match and the background art is just as good.

  7. Thanks OA - The work Jay did on the background, sure does bring out the best in the character!