Thursday, August 29, 2013

NOW COMES THE COSPLAYER: Wolverine vs Predator Fan Film Sets New Standards

Wolverine - he's a Comic Con cosplay staple, heck he's almost a staple at your neighbourhood fancy dress party too, but do you know the one thing many 'Logans' miss the 'X' on? They don't look rough enough. 

Wolverine fights in forests, sewers, factories and places even the Hulk thinks twice about stepping. If he finishes a fight and doesn't need to regenerate at least three organs he feels cheated - so a shiny unstained costume, with freshly ironed seams just doesn't suit the best there is at what he does.

Now check this guy out. As part of their cosplay superhero fight series Super Power Beat Down, Bat in the Sun created Wolverine vs Predator. Cosplayer / Actor Jonathan Carroll plays Logan, with all the teeth, dirt and downtrodden grunge you'd expect - and actually looks like a soldier who has just turned sentinels to scrap. Click it and see...

Now I might be baias, W vs P is a fan-dream I first posted about here, but when Jonathan's in character, you can't take your eyes off him.

 What did you think?  For the other vids in this series of cosplay battles, click the jump.


  1. that's going on face book!

  2. Fucking awesome cosplay movie Dan! Fuck that looks like Wolverine right? And Of course you know Logan's got that in the bag....

  3. Thanks guys - I love how both Arnie and Logan can now add out ran atomic bomb to their list of achievements, but yeah wicked wicked fan film.

    Hard to believe the other main guy that Jonathan cosplays as is the clean cut Superman isn't it?