Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ON MY PLANET IT MEANS SHAVEN: Superman 'S' Beard Ready To Start New Fan Craze

Superman's a pretty clean-cut guy. He fights the never ending battle but rarely gets caught looking unshaven. Not that the Man of Steel wouldn't suit a hipster beard. I mean, imagine a foe looking up at Clark and seeing heat vision eyes with this imposing beard looming large?

Decked out in red on a blue backdrop, as far as fan beards go, that one's pretty cool. On ladies not so much, but hey creativity counts.

 What do you think? 


  1. I don't know. He gets points for nerdom, a few extra for dedicated fandom, but it doesn't really look good. That's just my opinion though.

  2. Thanks Random! For me the annoying part would be having your head on normally, you know facing straight on, and having people continually ask 'What is your beard about' when they can't see the whole thing. Though he does almost get added points for having a semi-Batman logo fringe too.

  3. Creative but not hot.

  4. Hey Tam B welcome to IADW! Seems the ladies are pretty united on this one!

  5. I bet a Batman beard would look good...
    But then Batman already has a beard, dosent he...

  6. @Karl: Cute;)

    I'd do it But I know it wouldn't look right.
    But kudos to this guy for being brave enough to try it:)

  7. Lol nice one Karl. Now we just have to find one Dale would suit. What do you reckon Dale - open to a poll on the idea?