Wednesday, August 07, 2013

PREVIEW ROBOCOP: THE LAST STAND #1 Frank Miller's Screenplay Made A Comic

I don't know about you, but each time I watch 1987 film RoboCop, I feel the creative team were a little taken with writer/artist Frank Miller's '86 comic, The Dark Knight Returns. Mostly due to the little news bulletins which drop in-between scenes in a similar fashion.

Miller wrote a screenplay for Detroit's infamous defender, one that never made it to the big screen. Finding that wrong too big to leave un-rightened, BOOM! Studios have adapted it into a comic, with the first issue out this week.

Adapted by Steven Grant, with art by Korkut Öztekin, Miller's vision tells of a police force disbanded, citizens evicted from their homes, with ED209's and OCP officers running the streets. With Delta City looming large, through brains, guts and bullets, the time for RoboCop's last stand is now (click to enlarge).

 What do you think?  Be sure to get your copy, in stores today!


  1. I never really got into the Robocop films - they always seemed to have that dystopian future where everything was dark and miserable and the rule of law had broken down - I prefer my films to be more upbeat.
    The effects were good though, and in the main stand up well to the test of time. I have a very tenuous connection to the second movie [well, hardly even that]; an actor friend of mine went to Hollywood on a whim and got a small blink and youll miss it part in Robocop 2 [hes the blond male reporter]. end of career for him as he hasn't worked since, I think[!].

  2. Oh no Karl, that must be a hard career knock for the guy to swallow! Still, hopefully he's found work that he can enjoy in other feilds by now.

    For me everything stops after RoboCop 1. All sequels and even the tV show just went down the wrong path (kinda like Nightmare on Elm Street did). When my voice first deepened girls around school would ask me to say lines from the film, and then giggle and blush when I did lol, so it'll always have upbeat memories for me, despite the tone of the actual film!

    Thanks for ya comments mr!

  3. All I remember from the short-lived Robocop tv series was that poor woman [a computer programmer?] in the first episode who got killed then magically brought back as some kind of ghost or spirit in the system that maintained Robocop, I felt so sorry for her![may be remembering it all wrong, I dunno].

  4. I can't even remember that mate, so you are doing better than me!

  5. I never watched the series, but the first movie left a deep imprint in my psyche. First, that bit where the guy dripping acid gets hit by the car, then of course Murphy clawing his way back to the shreds of his humanity. I know the second is really what I should remember first, but the acid dude really stuck with me. I was young. It was probably the most graphic thing I had seen at that point. And it was really gross/cool at the same time.
    Anyway, Frank Miller is a perfect fit for this subject. He thrives on dystopian societies where you don't have to like anyone overly much. You just have to be able to say "Well, if I HAVE to pick a side, I guess that one is trying to reach a good end." Miller is good in small doses, indeed, can be brilliant. But I always feel like I need a shower afterwards. And a Teddy Bear. Maybe a poptart with sprinkles.

  6. I thought that guy looked alot like the Toxic Avenger Random, so it almost seemed like an unofficial crossover to me. It sure left simillar imprints though. Murphy's 'death' and that insane guy's laugh... pre-Mark Hamil he seemed like the Joker!

    Frank Miller is a great match like you say. He works great on social themes snd 'sin cities'. Plus any reason to eat a pop tart is a good one with me.

  7. You've just hit on the number two reason I watch Sin City occasionally, Dan.