Saturday, August 10, 2013

REAL LIFE HEROES: Kid Saves Family On Highway Using Skills Learnt From Mario Kart

Now I'm not going to lie, while I knew how to drive beforehand, my cornering skills have evolved for the better (depending on who you ask) after playing Gran Turismo on the Playstation. Reading that sentence there will be two types of responses; those who find it funny and those who completely understand. One of those in the latter is 10 year-old Gryffin Sanders.

When his Great-Gran collapsed mid-sentence at the wheel, doing 60mph on the freeway, with his younger brother in the backseat, Gryffin took control of the wheel, driving the car out of harms way and into a ditch. The source he credits for his driving prowess and logical mind in the heat of oncoming traffic and danger? Mario Kart.

Originally thinking it may have been a test, Gryffin's moves meant he and his 4-year old brother were left unharmed, as too were all motorists driving on the same road near Hugo, USA. Passers-by helped summon emergency services and the kids 74 year-old great grandmother was soon airlifted to Colorado Springs Hospital.

Gryffin's Dad, Sean Sanders told news teams "The proudest moment I think of this is he's been so humble about it. There's nothing more I could ask of him."

 What do you think? 


  1. I completely believe this. And I'm not saying that in a sarcastic way. I've tried cornering some of those courses on MarioKart. It's hard. My 10 year old does better. Of course, she seems to be preparing more for driving through the mall (a la Blues Brothers) than down the interstate, but I'm sure she's learning a valuable lesson in reaction time.
    I'm glad he and his brother made it out safe and sound. It's always good to hear happy news.

  2. NO kidding. Wow. Who knew Mario Kart was as good as driver's ed, but funner. And yes I know funner's not a world, but yeah, funner. Glad this story had a happy ending like that.

  3. Kids are incredible. I'm very proud of this little guy. Your a Hero buddy. Dan this is the best news of the day.

  4. Dale you can invent words as much as you want too. Any spelling errors on this site are just me doing the same!

    I'm away this weekend, but it's great to see you all liked this story as much as I did!