Tuesday, August 06, 2013

'SNIKT' IT'S MUTANT FOR 'EPIC FAIL': The Wolverine Bus Advertisement Gone Wrong

Fox are promoting the hell out of current blockbuster The Wolverine, and why shouldn't they - it's damn near brilliant! Heck, in New Zealand we even have The Wolverine chewing gum to watch it with. While we also have a town called Cambridge, it is in the more famous British version where this promotional effort was spotted;

While I'm sure Human Gh Jac is a brilliant actor too, you can imagine the supervisor saying to the worker responsible "Do you think his sword is meant to connect to the blade over by the 'N' there?" "Nah, he's a mutant, they're different."

 What do you think? 


  1. That's a major screw up on one caught, or care to catch. Crazy.
    But I did see the movie, and loved it!!!! Love how it connects/leads to the next DOFP movie. So cool!

  2. Seeing two pro's back at the end is almost worth the cost of admission huh Dale? Now my review of that moment probably makes more sense.

  3. Very well worth seeing. And I was the only one in the theatre, besides maybe 4 other people, and you kmow how I hate crowds, so yay!!!

  4. That was the same with me in terms of how many other people were there. I can't do crowds either. I put that down to age ;-)