Tuesday, August 20, 2013

STRAIGHT FROM THE T-1000'S MOUTH: James Cameron Reveals His Art Behind Avatar, Terminator And More (Video)

Avatar is getting three sequels and Terminator is never really gone, but can we get James Cameron's Dark Angel revisited too? As a wicked cyberpunk TV show (and what introduced the world to Jessica Sin City Alba), it is screaming for another shot. Right, onto Cameron...

When the way you retell an already universal tale of a sinking boat hoggs box-offices around the world for months, and you're the creator of multiple iconic sci-fi franchises, you have to have a pretty inspired way as to how to do things right.

Director James Cameron is that guy. And he's also an artist. Not only was one of his earliest jobs painting posters for Z-grade movies, they are his hands drawing Rose in that infamous Titanic scene. Talking inspiration for Oprah.com in the vid below, Cameron reveals how his prior blue-collar jobs and his massive self-created conceptual art gallery birthed his biggest hits.

If you watch just one video all week, this is a pretty inspiring and motivational choice.

 What do you think? 


  1. My good friend Mila Hasan was a major fan of Dark Angel, and has written a book all about it [even included a dedication to me!] google her name or go to Mila123@yahoo.com.
    Don't tell me thyer thinking of yet ANOTHER Terminator film, how many have there been now? Oh, too many that's right.

  2. Morning Karl! I think it will be awhile off a Terminator film, but as with Predator, Aliens and Batman, or any other franchise out there, it's only a matter of time aye.

    Thanks for dropping in!

  3. cool video. i've seen some of his work before that guy really knows to illustrate it seems like he was destined for something great from the very beginning although i still think Avatar was pretty mediocre.

  4. Heya Dave! He sure does seem like a multi-talented guy! I wonder if he'd ever look at comics to explore other concepts he has on the waiting bench? I think every publisher alive would be interested.