Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SWEET AS: The Best From DC Comics' November 2013 Solicitations

When we Kiwis find something we like, we say it's 'Sweet as'. From the crossovers of the Forever Evil kind to tie-ins of the Batman: Zero Year variety, when I'm looking at the best and new releases from DC Comics for November 2013, these comics make the 'Sweet As' grade:


Okay so a Finch drawn Lex decking Black Manta is a winner in any language, but it is the colours that really make this thing pop - I don't think there is one Crayola left unused!

DC says: The first universe-wide event of The New 52 continues to explode across the DC Universe! With the world under the rule of the mysterious and deadly Crime Syndicate and our greatest heroes dead, it's up to the unlikeliest of defenders to rise up to save us -- humanity's only hope -- Lex Luthor?!

Plus, a startling revelation about the dark secret of the Syndicate's mission on Earth -- and what it means for the future of the DC Universe and its heroes and villains.

(W) Geoff Johns (A) Paul Pelletier

One of the best ongoing series of the DC 52 Universe ups it's game in this extra-sized issue (remember when all issue #25's were extra-sized?)!

As all the plot threads of Death Of A King come to a head, the Aquaman universe gets expanded and flipped on it's head, ready for an all-new era of greatness!


(W) Sholly Fisch (A) Dario Brizuela.

Scooby and gang are on the trail of the mysterious Man-Bat, but a certain 'Dynamic Duo' are already on the case, in this new bi-monthly series!

As Man-Bat imitators meet the deadly real McCoy, look for this great read from one of the best unsung writers in comics, Sholly Fisch!

(W) Toby Litt (A) Mark Buckingham and Gary Erskine
From the pages of Sandman, The Dead Boy Detectives head back to solve their own deaths, and meet tech-savvy dead detective, Crystal, with her own strange link to the afterlife! (Mature Readers)

(W Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, A Darwyn Cooke, Sam Kieth, Tony S. Daniel, Paul Pope, Walter Simonson, Art Baltazar and more)
Harley Quinn gets a new monthly, by a rogues gallery of artists!

 What do you think?  For the full list of DC's November 2013 solicitations, click the jump!


  1. Ah I remember the double-sized 25th issue specials, the 'end of term' type storylines which brought things to a head, bliss. They kind of replaced the old Annuals, didn't they?
    Last one I read was several weeks back; the tenth anniversary of Wonder Woman, from her reboot in 1987. Great story, basically a retread of her history so far.
    Batman and Scooby Doo?!? You just knew this HAD to happen, it was WAITING to happen!
    Looking forward to Villains Month, even if most of my fave DC titles effectively go on hiatus for a month. I just wish we could've had a Fatal Five issue for us bereft LSH fans.

  2. Thanks for the comments Karl!

    You're right about the 25th issue events kind of replacing the old Annuals - those giant sized issues sure did fade out around that time! I think the last Annual I brought was a JLA one as part of an Ape-ing of the DCU. Oh well, atleast the cover was fun.

    As for Scoobs and Batman - you have to wonder with S.Doo on the case is a secret identity really safe?

    I haven't hit the Villains Month is cool mood yet, which is odd as the dark side of the DCU has so many awesome characters in it, ones deserving and finally getting more light, I'd usually be jumping up and down. Maybe I just need more caffeine... or less... :) If you grab some issues - let me know what you think!

  3. Ive just been re-reading the WW comics from 1995 to 2001 [issues 101 to 164 and the JLA-Ape Annuals which came out at that time, and the accompanying WW version, oh it was shit!

  4. We must be reading twins Karl, I'm reading Wonder Woman from around then right now too. While I've left the JLApe tie-in in the box, I have written a post on one of the one-shots from back then for this week. Hope ya like it!

  5. Holly Scooby snacks! Villains are in the building. The cover is good the colors are great, the crayola 8 box is all there (maybe a few extras). And Manta deserves the full five for wearing the fish bowl throw back helmet. Come on David!

  6. Hey OA - always good to see you drop by mate. Dave sure is a hit maker and a half, and what a run at the top too (seems like so long ago since I first spied him at Top Cow!).

    I want him to draw more Etrigan The Demon. What I saw of Jason Blood in Dark Knight wasn't enough. He could also do a decent Bronze Tiger don't you reckon?

  7. Yes Sir! It was Moon Knight that made me shed tears at his amazing detail and strength with a pencil (I know he's top level digital I just like that old school reference).

    At one time I was buying books just for his covers. And to me it's so cool how artist move right into writing and creating. It's a beautiful world.

  8. The big ones look great, but it's the Dead Boy Detectives and Harley that have me staring. I love the magnifying glass look. I've been waiting for more of this story forever. Yay!

  9. Hey OA - speaking of amazing detail on Moon Knight, what do you think of this mornings post?

    I too like it when an artist becomes a writer or the other way round. I really respect that Jack of All Trades approach to life or career. Apparently Grant Morrison is a bit of an artist too!

    Random, I'm definitely getting Dead Boy Detectives, I've doug Mark Buckingham since his time on Spider-Man. I never quite got Fables, but on a Sandman spin-off, it's win win!

    Thanks for the comments ya'll!