Sunday, August 25, 2013

THE HIT LIST: Ronan The Accuser Named Core Foe For Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie

Sure Thanos's ugly mug will connect the upcoming Marvel Studios' movies, but it will be the deadliest of the alien Kree race that is the main antagonist of Guardians of the Galaxy - Ronan The Accuser. 

Once second only to the Kree Supreme Intelligence and Imperial Minister, Ronan has both incited civil war against his superiors and attempted to force their genetic experiments The Inhumans, back into their empire.

Willing to do anything for his people, Ronan has led them, fought alongside Nova against the Annihilation Wave and married the Inhuman Crystal in order to establish a treaty for their futures. 

Revealed in Empire Magazine, while I guess his main arch-rival may not even be mentioned in Guardians of the Galaxy (due to the rights to the Fantastic Four based Super Skrull presumably lying with Fox), his hi-tech armour and Cosmi-Rod mean Ronan has more than enough threat power to endanger the team, no matter where they run!

 What do you think? 


  1. I thought Ronan was great when he first appeared in the FF, and over the years some real work has been done on the character to give him some degree of depth; his forays with the Inhumans in their various minis has given plenty of scope,as well as his four-issue mini from Annihilation some time back.
    His arranged marriage to Crystal is an interesting plot also - whodve thought THAT would've happened when he fought the FF all those years back, when Crys was a supporting cast member?

  2. He could definitely fill the screen visually and with his character. I know they can't possibly connect every single Marvel film continuity wise (I say this even though I have it worked out in my head how you could make ever executive sit in a room and threaten their portfolios with shredding until they agree to do just that) but it would still be nice to have tiny subtle clues to the connections in every film. Ones only us uber geeks would get. And could rewind ad-nauseum. And talk about and debate. Because that's how we do things.
    Anyway, it's a good villain.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! Random I just, think you outlined the best part of comic films. Who knows, with Ultron in the Avengers sequel we could even get an Anihilation movie started :-) We'd just have to use the Tilver Turfer for some scenes though!

    Karl I think of that Crystal as a FF issue each time I read them. Mind you it doesn't seem such a forced marriage any more, but still!