Thursday, August 01, 2013

THE TRASK AT HAND: X-Men Days Of Future Past Viral Site Spreads The Propaganda

With the after-credits scene of The Wolverine setting the fuse ablaze, Fox has launched a viral site for upcoming fellow blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past. 

In the guise of a site for Sentinel creators Trask Industries, it offers some pretty sweet info on the history of the corporation and propaganda, like the posters featured in this post, about how they are humanity's best defence against the growing mutant threat.

Listing 'premature balding' in males as a 'low effect mutation', the site is not without it's humour either. While New Zealand according to their map seems to be pretty mutant free, other places don't fare so well, from a threat the site claims will eradicate mankind by 2030.

A rundown on the capabilities of the Sentinels is offered, including a look at a mutant detection device and those infamous inhibitor collars from the comics. But what Trask Industries really offers you and your loved ones, is best summed up in this handy promotional vid;

 What do you think?  To visit the viral site for yourself, and get the background on the threat big enough to unite two generations of mutants, click the jump.


  1. I can almost hear Magneto saying, "I told you so, I told you so..."

  2. Why do I feel like this could have been made by the NSA?

  3. Ive seen a picture of tiny actor Peter Dinklage as Trask, from this upcoming movie. I still haven't given up hope that one day he will play Dr. Psycho in a movie version of Wonder Woman.

  4. Thanks guys! Karl there are bideos of him in a lab on the website, and that's exactly who I thought he looked like. Haircut and all.

    Random and Comicsfan, it sure has those feelings about it. The birthplace of Bastion and The Friends of Humanity is right there.

  5. well this certainly has me intrigued. i meant to leave you a comment earlier today on this but i got distracted by some bullshit. anyway, it's just as well i saw your comment on the ROM blog and replied accordingly but in a nut shell Dan what you said there was one of the funniest things i've heard from you in a long ass time.

  6. That's a scary infomercial. I can see one of those in our present future.

  7. Thanks Dave, glad you liked the Happy Meal comment. And you're right re interest level. I think this will be bigger than anyone expects.

    And OA youre bang on. Sadly a professional company threatening to protect mankind from a particular group of todays tapestry of society could all too easily exist.