Sunday, September 01, 2013

CRIME DOES PAIN: The Punisher Chest Tattoo Exacts Vengeance With A Bullet

Sure we've all seen tattooing marvel's like the amazing Spider-Man back tattoo, but whatever happened to 'Face Front True Believers'? Seems Punisher fans aren't afraid to plant their boots behind their man, especially in this fan's case, adding Frank Castle to a massive anarchistic collage chest tattoo, that needs to be seen to be believed!

Inked by Anthony Riccardo of Great Tattoos in South Jersey, this is one guns blazing Frank that can never be cancelled. The stomach has to be one of the more sensitive areas to, so this fan literally under went his own brand of punishment for the cause!

 What do you think? 


  1. I don't know if people are crazy or highly intelligent to get tattoos like these, nevertheless this is terrific. It must have taken the artist hours, maybe days to fill.
    Seriously impressive!

    Oh I see on your blog roll there is the old FF four freedoms plaza, on our FF forum we thought that had been discontinued some time ago, even tho it seems it stopped in 2011 [some of my old comments are on there[!]]. Is it a permanent on your roll now?

  2. Personally, karl, I think they just have a high pain tolerance. And jobs that don't have a strict dress code. The tattoo artist is very talented. Props!

  3. Thanks Karl - hey we used to frequent the same FF Fan site! My comments are on there too. I haven't added it to the link list so much as extended the amount of sites visible from the sites I follow. I think it's set at 25 now.

    Sadly sites like Iron Fist Fan, Comics Made Me Happy and other fan sites that stopped being updated after the DC reboot, I still visit them because in their final states they're still great online resources, and I hope some people still take time to explore the work that went into them.

    Hey if you want me to add your FF Forum email me the url!

  4. Random I think you're right. At my work we need long sleeved business shirts, but a tatt as full on as this would probably still show through - still though what an amazing piece of art to get on your skin.

    I'd hire the dude just for the dedication to doing a job right it showed!

  5. And this is why we need a business. So we can hire all the people with cool geek tattoos.