Saturday, September 28, 2013

DOCTOR DOOMIMUS PRIME: The Fan Made Mask Of Good And Evil

Doctor Doom is Marvel's biggest icon of evil. Optimus Prime, one of pop's biggest heroes. But despite them being at the top of their respective games and sharing fairly similar metallic faces, few of us have ever thought of merging the two - but FreeHandProfit has;

An amazing concoction from the L.A. based artist, his healthy obsession with masks, kicks and hip-hop shines through, especially with the hip-hop style markings on his faceplate.

 What do you think?  To see more of FreeHand's work, click the jump.


  1. Now that's a cool ass mask! I could definitely see some kind of pop-culture masks being used alright, especially for......drum roll please.....terrorism!
    Yes terrorism. Why you might ask? Because terrorists who hate Americans love to point at our pop culture as signs of "decadence" and "immorality" What better way to attack us, then by using our own beloved pop culture icons like the Transformers or comic book characters.

    Oopps, just gave Al-Queda a new idea. Think I'll see any royalties?;)

  2. Hopefully Al-Queda don't read this site Dale - but hey, who doesn't like catching the Comics Beat on Monday? ;)

    You are right though - a V For Vendetta type mask could well outfit a group without good cause like the one in the movie has, and really grab headlines for the book in all the wrong ways.

    V for Vendetta is on the site tomorrow too so hope no terrorist baddies tune in then!