Wednesday, September 04, 2013

ENTER MAGNETO: Avengers Chest Tattoo Tests If X-Men Foe Truly Is A Chick Magnet

Last Sunday, we saw how one dude had his chest inked out in fan support of The Punisher. Well, if there's one guy who can kick arse and take names better than Frank, it's Erik Lensherr, aka Magneto.

Able to rip a Sentinel in two with a blink, hold whole armies at bay with a thought and create cities on asteroids, he's got to have a few equally die-hard supporters right? Oh yeah, he does...

Redditor KevvCo may've just stepped out for milk when he decided to get this beastie, inspired by Mike Deodato's cover to The New Avengers #20, but you have to admit the finished product is more than a glass and a half of full mutie goodness.

An attractive tattoo in and of itself, the Master of Magnetisim was inked by Jose Camarillo at All Hope Aside Tattoo in Federal Way Washington.

 What do you think? 


  1. The punisher one was damn remarkable true, but this....this is epic! Wow! A true magneto fan here. I love Batman, but even I don't think I'd go that far......or would I?;

    Whoever did that tat, with the incredible level of detail that matches the cover just about dead on, should be given an award!

  2. I agree Dale - I think he even made Magneto's eyes more sinister if that's possible, and look at the shine on the purple frame of his helmet! While three metal powered heroes attacking Mags is pretty hardcase, this tatt is seriously cool.

    Mike's art sire suits a skilled skin artist well.

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. Wow. And I thought it was pretty on a comic book cover.

  4. I wonder what other great comic covers would work Random? No doubt someone has an Adam Hughes Wonder Woman somewhere.

  5. I don't have tattoos but an FF one would be nice.
    A WW tattoo? Not Adam Hughes as he draws her with baggy, a Dick Giordano WW would have that classic vibe, or possibly a Perez one.

  6. I always thought Human Torch would be great Karl, infact I did a post on FF tattoos here;

    But I know I'd sit in the chair, then want Mr Miracle, or Shazam or Deathlok, or Iron Fist, such is the inability of Dan to make a decision ;)