Sunday, September 08, 2013

FROM SKELETOR TO STRATOS: The Masters Of The Universe Custom Made LEGOs

I think I have just found what would actually make me buy LEGO again. Look at thios series of sets and mini-figures, custom-made by the ultra dedicated and triple talented LEGO pro Orion Pax;

Hell, that Snake Mountain looks better than the actual playset did! Mekaneck, Snout Spout, Mantenna and all the ones you thought you'd forgotten get a custom figure, so you can have them fight and or die right alongside the likes of the Sorceress, Leech, Ram-Man and more!

While Battle-Cat is always my fav, Orko comes with a mini Cringer, so fans like me can enact Battle Cat's magical transformation to. See, that's dedication! Talon Fighter and Point Dredd too (fanboy drool)...?

The complete list of Pax's created customs is click-to-enlargeable here:

 What do you think?  For hi-res photos of each custom in full, visit Orion's website after the jump.


  1. I want that set. Also, eagerly anticipating a She-Ra companion piece.

  2. My bad, there is a She-Ra. Obviously I need more coffee and better glasses. Rock on. :)

  3. You're not alone Random, I actually thought there wasn't a She-Ra either. Maybe with the glasses you can have the right lens and i'll wear the left?

  4. I love it! I'll bet we get a discount that way too.