Tuesday, September 10, 2013

IMPERIUS REX! All New Invaders Series Joins The Next Wave Of Marvel NOW Titles

DC may have canned the Justice Society, but Marvel thankfully rowing in the other direction, giving their WWII team the ultimate revival. Captain America, Namor The Sub-Mariner, Winter Soldier and the original Human Torch are reuniting in an ongoing series in January, titled All-New Invaders. What's more, it's drawn by Steve Pugh and written by JSA The Golden Age scribe James Robinson.

How the bonds that saw the team fight the Nazi threat evolve to tackle the Kree army from obtaining a device that can control Gods will be at the heart of the new series, joining the previously announced Inhuman title in the next round of Marvel NOW initiatives.

The wave continues through until April and launches in December with a special 'jumping on' issue; Avengers #24 NOW. There the team unite to stop a rogue planet hurtling towards Earth.

With this Marvel NOW wave set to highlight characters such as Silver Surfer, Black Widow, and The Falcon, look for some really interesting projects ahead. Says says Marvel editor in chief Axel Alonso on USAToday "My favorite thing is showing people why those characters that aren't necessarily household names like the Falcon and Silver Surfer should be, and why they're every bit as vital to the Marvel mythology as Spider-Man and the Avengers."

"Our catalog rolls deep, and it's giving people fresh, new voices, breathing new life into characters that quite frankly just deserve their own spotlight." 'Nuff said.

 What do you think? 


  1. didn't Marvel give this old Invaders sctick one last go just before the Avengers went all Disassembled? That didn't turn out so well either. Youd think Marvel would get the message by now that any iteration of the Invaders just doesn't work - its become far too retro nowadays, too old-fashioned. Best left in the past.
    I did get that interminable 12 issue mini-series Avengers vs Invaders several years back; that was quite enough for me for the time being.
    Back in the late 70s as kids we all used to play Invaders more than the other superteams though; our favourite villain was Baron Blood who was so utterly bad-ass, a seriously dangerous villain who we all wanted to play at being, and drawn frighteningly by Frank Robbins - odd how childhood memories can dissipate over time. These days the Invaders don't even rate for me.

  2. Thanks Karl, playing as the invaders is a new one for me, I would've always wanted to be Cap, or the Human Torch!

    I didn't really put much stock into the team until Ed Brubaker wrote Captain America. Now I think it's a brilliant set up as he really made the relationship between Cap and Namor quite dynamic, and obviously revamped the Winter Soldier too.

    If this book is written in a simillar covert style and not as a usual superhero team, I think it could be one to give a try.

    Thanks for sharing your memories mate!