Saturday, September 14, 2013

MAKING A MARK: Lora Zombie - The Russian Grunge Artist You Won't Forget

Making A Mark gives an insanely talented artist some IADW brag-space. Today goes to grunge artist, Lora Zombie. Looking at her ever-expanding portfolio, I'm never sure if it's light-hearted fun, social commentary or new edge art. All I know is that I like it. A lot.

How serene can two wild killers, and one slightly wilder one be? Still Lora pulls it off here. Harley looks every bit the girl next door, and at home with her pets, both of whom look right dignified like with bowties in the colour of her man, 'Mistah J'.

Poison Ivy springs from Zombie's DC Pin-Up Girls sub-set, and shows even upside down, Gotham's greenest is still the hottest redhead out. Wonder Woman is one of Lora's most tackled subjects, from washing day to this crying piece, each is as eye-catching as the next! 

A self-taught artist, Lora's work is already taking her around the globe. And why wouldn't it, it's art that gets you talking. I mean, why can't Batman wear converse and Superman wear slippers?..

Okay, so the eagle-eyed among you will have realised shoes aren't the only pair Falling Super-Heroes highlights, but hey, who's counting?

 What do you think?  To see more of Lora's amazing imagery, visit her website, for news direct from her Facebook to yours, click here.


  1. Dan I believe it's all three, fun social commentary new edge art. And it's hard to do, very hard to do. This girl is good.

    And I love the name: Lora Zombie...

  2. That last pic featuring Wonder Woman is a bit naughty[!]. I do believe Im rather shocked!

  3. Thanks guys - Good to see you back OA - Hope things are goin good for you. And you are right, Lora Zombie is a pretty wicked name!

    Karl, believe it or not, I didn't see that the first time I saw the picture, I just saw falling superheroes. Guess it does make you think about the impracticality of Diana's suit!

  4. Karl, it is a little naughty isn't it....I like it!

    What about the blood from Diana's eye? She just rubs it off. True warrior. You guys remember when Wonder Woman put out her own eyes to defeat Medusa?

    I tell ya fella's, Wonder Woman is the hardest sexiest thang I've seen in oh so long. First round draft pick for sure.

  5. damn those are some nicely done water colors!

  6. Cheers Dave, glad you liked!

    Tiger I loved that battle, that was when Greg Rucka's run really came to the fore with me. To bad it didn't last too long after that!

  7. Tiger OA1
    yeah I read that WW issue just a couple of weeks ago, in one of my 'comic reading marathons' as I like to call them. I read WW 101 to 226 over a five-week period and youre right Diana is seriously hardcore when it comes to being a warrior, and takes no prisoners [well she used to - back to Transformation/Reform Island, but that was back in the dark ages, lol!].

  8. speaking of fan art any progress on your Suicide Squad piece?

  9. I'm actually in a different city to my scrapbooks this week Dave, but home in the weekend so looking forward to getting as much done on the Squad and Firestorm as I can!