Tuesday, September 24, 2013

PANEL-BEATER: My Comic Of The Month: Eternal Warrior #1

I blame Highlander. I've always liked stories starring immortal heroes - not immortal vampires, or worse, gloomy depressed, teenage vampires - but just immortals in general. Eternal Warrior is one character who has always possessed this ultimate of anti-aging creams and as one of my favourite's from the original Valiant line, I looked forward to Gilad's own title arriving as he guest-starred his way through the already established reborn universe titles.

Now that I hold his latest first issue in my hot little hands, I can say it's everything that a time redundant hero's adventure should be. Blockbuster style fight-scenes, changing allegiances, rampaging elephants, men, maidens and monsters.

Greg Pak of course knows how to write good comics, and as drug fueled barbarian hordes threaten to grind Gilad's people into the sands of ancient Mesopotamia, we get to see Gilad's never say die attitude in play, even after his own people have started preparing to honour his defeat. When his forbidden warrior daughter turns the tide, The Eternal Warrior's pride soon becomes horror, as he realises daddy's little girl is all he could hope for and a shade more.

After the loss of a child, the book flips forward to present day Africa, a setting that suits Trevor Hairsine's artistic style, the mood of a survivalist fighter like the Eternal Warrior, and the global prowess of a publisher who doesn't put all their eggs in one Manhattan sized basket.

Trevor's scratchy yet detailed art gives this book a texture you can feel. It's rough, yet smooth, and when it comes to the battle scenes, highly effective.

As evil once again casts it's shade upon his isolated life, death is also not far behind. But the one behind that, well, that is a surprise. 

For people fearing jumping on this title and not knowing the character previously or in fear that in a few months Gilad joins the team book Unity, and they'll need to fork out for that book to just to follow this hero, I say don't sweat it. As with all the other Valiant #1's that have come from the rebirthed universe (except for Quantum and Woody, I've got them all) this book is very new reader friendly and 99% regret free. That 1% unaccounted for? Not buying Eternal Warrior #1 sooner.

 What do you think? 


  1. Greg Pak always does write very masculine heroes and villains; his style of writing suits this extremely well. Am I correct that Pak is British? Im sure Ive read some of his work in our Marvel UK books.
    I can never figure out how Highlanders [the movie and tv versions] managed to make their way into comics though - how and when did that happen?!? I recall years ago in Fantastic Four the Richards's hired a woman named Caledonia who was a Highlander - are they resident in the MU, I cant work it out.

  2. Hey Karl, Greg Pak is American, but hey so many great comic writers come from the UK I don't blame you for equating greatness with a pommy accent or two ;)

    Every time I think of Highlander I hear Queen - more English greatness - and start humming along. It's true my attention span is that short.