Saturday, September 21, 2013

RUN EWOKS, RUN! The Life-Sized Star Wars Scout Walker On Sale On eBay

Forget just using it for hiking purposes, or watching sci-fi fans flee as their worst nightmares come to life as you drive down the streets, this 16-foot tall All Terrain Scout Transport replica could also double as the ultimate one room apartment, and best of all, it's for sale.

While the AT-ST's in Return of the Jedi seemed a bit taller than 16ft for this to be 'life-sized', as I said, I'm sure you could fit a beer fridge and a few blankets in the head - and hey, isn't that all you need in life?

With an eBay price tag of £9,800 (roughly $15,700), you might have to dip into little Timmy's education fund to afford it, but hey, he was only going to school for lunch anyways. No word on if the Tardis or giant Hulk replica also in the seller's photos are for sale, but my wallet might open a little further for the combo deal.

 What do you think? 


  1. Ummm...Is that TARDIS bigger on the inside?
    Tell you what Dan, you guy the walker, I'll get the blue box, and then we'll switch every other week.

  2. Deal Random! We just need a few others to park their sci-fi homes beside ours and we'd have a sitcom waiting to happen. Big Bang Theory eat your heart out!

  3. I think we're much more accurate geeks than the Big Bang Theory anyway. I think they're much too socially adept.

  4. Thanks Dave. Imagine taking that to one of your demonstrations :-)

    Random, I agree. Plus I failed science so I can't draw a periodic table to save myself, but as a graphic designer by trade I can make a cool poster or two!

  5. Heh. If Dave ever does take one of those to his demonstrations, I want to see the youtube video.

  6. Can you say 'a million views before breakfast'? ;-)