Saturday, September 07, 2013

SALES PITCH: The Top Selling Comics Of August 2013 And Those Past

When you have a cohesive universe with strong direction, your 'events' will always steal first base. Not only does Marvel Comics prove that in the sales results of August 2013, despite just that one comic inside the Top 6 sellers of the month, they still manage steal the spot of top publisher too, while nearest rivals DC trail in unit share by 3.16%.


MY THOUGHTS: Marvel Cosmic is the new king in town. While it must be in Cap's contract to stand at the front of any group shot, I wouldn't be surprised if Inhuman isn't the only cosmic-ish title that launches from this book by the tale's end.

Full August 2013 stats after the jump.


'Little Engines' don't come smaller than this! The #3 seller on the trade paperback list, Rocket Raccoon: Tales From Half-World. 

Reprinting Rocket and his first mate Wal Russ's battles to protect the Keystone Quadrant from killer clowns in the Toy War, look for reprints of this to reach even higher as the 'Coon's big screen debut nears.


While records state Dreamwave's Transformers G1 #5 took the top spot in 2002, an asterisk points to the fact Fantastic Four #60 (priced at a crazy nine cents) actually ruled the roost by an estimated 621, 580 copies! 

Neil Gaiman took Marvel back in time in 2003's 1602 #1, while mutant avenger Beast held the spotlight in the highest selling books of both 2001 and 2004, New X-Men #117 and Astonishing X-Men #4 respectively.

 What do you think? 


  1. I hope something Inhuman comes out of Marvel's latest incomphensive mess also. I cant make head nor tails of this mini-series - Hickman's FF run was so slow it took three years to unfold and put off many readers - so one can only wish the spin-offs will be a catch.

    That FF issue that only cost me 50p [in British money] was a real novelty, and the Waid/Wieringo team-up made headlines, pity after that it headed downhill [always true of FF books; the first ish always gets high sales then slopes off]. I also think its the one recent FF issue that has gotten the most reprints ever.

  2. Thanks Karl! Matt Fraction and I don't notmally see eye to eye, but that said I'm really looking forward to the debut of Inhuman in a few months. It sounds great!

    Me I loved Hickman's FF. Fir me he was the first writer in ages that made use of the whole cast, created grest new props and didnt pitch the book too young. Mind you I read a lot of his books from S.H.I.E.L.D through to Manhattan Projects so I knew a bit about his style before he took the reins. I can't currently squeeze in another title especially an event or I mightve got Infinity. Still I change most of my pull list new years eve so who knows mate. Any books you're reading you'd recommend?

  3. Was 1602 that long ago? Man. I'm old. I don't think we should put dates on things anymore.
    I need to get caught up on all this hullabaloo over at Marvel. I missed all of Hickman's run on FF, which now that's it's done I think I should read. And other than various Avengers and X books I'm kind of in the dark about a lot of things. So many books. Not enough batteries for my flashlight.

  4. I agree Hickman made very good use of the FFs large supporting cast for the main, but many felt his writing was far too slow and cold and clinical for a warm-hearted family book like the FF. I did make the point on my forum tho that dense as his long-winded writing seemed to be at times, it is worth reading as one long saga, not in small increments; its the only way to appreciate it really.
    As for books Id happily recommend...hhmmm, well cant believe Im saying this as DCs output is mainly trash but the Infinity War crossover through the three Justice League books is proving quite a worthy read. It has a nice solid pace, a good structured plot that weaves in and out of each book without losing its momentum and has some good twists [particulary in issues 5 and 6].

    I also heartily recommend the Thunder Agents Volume 1 from IDW. Its a reprint of what DC brought out two years ago but in much improved form, and a good 'intro' to the new modern-day series.
    Worth getting just for the Wally Wood, early Mike Sekowsky and Gil Kane art alone.

    And I mentioned it on Dale's blog but theres a novel called Erotic Tales of the Superheroes written by Marco Mantassola, a 50 shades of shagging crossover between DC and Marvel, that is superbly written and includes Superman, Batman, Mystique, Rogue and Mr. Fantastic. Yes, Reed Richards's sex life, the mind boggles. Not sure anyone should be reading it never mind me recommending it, esp after the 'Batman fisting Chloe Sevigny' bit.

    Sex, by Joe Casey. Almost at the end of this mini-series but an, er, absorbing read[!]. A labyrinthine plot that twists and turns and totally unsympathetic characters, coupled with lurid watercolour one-wash colouring and a rather unique lettering has a quality all its own. Of course the title implies sex scenes and this has plenty and they are unpleasant and unnecessary but that's what you sign up for when you get this book.

    Miss Fury from Dynamite Comics. A satisfying update of a classic heroine/bad girl that pitches her straight from the 1940s to the present day...or does it? Another timey-wimey twisting plot that is very involving indeed, coupled with a title star who invokes both awe and fear in the reader, as she totally unpredictable. Art is a winner also, very gritty and realistic.

  5. @karl, I'm adding your suggestions to my list. I don't know if I'll get to the Justice League, but we'll see. I did read the first Batman trade out of the NU52 and I was surprised that I liked it so much. So I'm a little happier with DC right now. But not brave enough to start a new DC book just yet. Basking in the glow for a moment. :)
    Miss Fury sounds like something right up my alley. So that might be something I look for next time I'm at the shop.
    Oh! And that Donna Troy book you recommended is on it's way. :)

  6. Yeah I'm with you Random, I'll be giving Trinity War a wide birth, but I haven't brought a Dynamite book in a while so that's something I'll look into.

    It must be do hard for Marvel Karl. I hate the FF written as a family book. When that comes into focus the explorers of the unknown goes out so I was happy when Hickman put more weight on the otherside of that equation, and fleshed out characters other than Ben and Reed. Sue as Queen, Johnny's pet. All great stuff.

    Still it sold gangbusters and netted him the Avengers gig, so thats cool.

    Hope you're all having great weekends!