Sunday, September 08, 2013

SORRY SHE-HULK: Marvel Keen For Female Hero Film, Katee Sackhoff As Ms. Marvel?

While She-Hulk has held fanboys hearts in a gamma-fisted crush for eons, it's not the Jade Giantess that Marvel Studios President Louis D’Esposito mentions by name in an interview with Superhero Hype, but rather the more All-American looking Ms. Marvel.

The topic of the conversation? Marvel Studios desire to get a female lead character film into theatres soon.

While Louis refers to Carol Danvers by her current title of 'Captain Marvel', there's just something classier to me about the former. 'Ms.' steers away from that whole Shazam mess, and allows Danvers to inherit the legacy of Marvel's first Captain Marvel onscreen, as she did in the comics. Plus, the costume is better too!

Meanwhile, current Riddick star and Battlestar Galactica actress Katee Sackhoff has told the Schmoes Know podcast that Disney is checking into her availability for 2014. Nothing official connects the two statements, but if Carol was to debut in Avengers The Age Of Ultron (with her alien aspects tieing Earth's Mightiest to the Guardians of The Galaxy), who better to play the hero, than someone who has already fought in space?

 What do you think? 


  1. Sackhoff as Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers would be absolutely brilliant casting. I suppose that means that it'll never happen. :^)

    (I hope I'm wrong!)

  2. Sackhoff would certainly fit the role. And it's not as if she doesn't have a ton of fangeek cred already. She has the strength both in acting and looks to carry of the powerhouse that is Marvel. And yes, I like the Ms. better too.

  3. Thanks guys - comparing the two photos they do look a perfect match don't they? Here's hoping this is one grapevine rumour the bares fruit!

  4. just saw Riddick, it wasn't that great to be honest but i enjoyed Sackoff in it and i agree she would make an awesome Ms. Marvel. she looks the part in both face and body and has the right attitude. by the way there's a nice boob moment with Sackoff in Riddick.

  5. Thanks for the Riddick recap mate - sounds like Sackhoff has got the green light all round for this role - I can't remember the last role and casting news that happened in!

  6. She looks picture postcard perfect for the role - absolutely no-one else I can think of to fill this capacity.
    Being a big Ms. Marvel fan since her debut in 1977 [ and my email address is reflective of my compliment to her] so long as we get MS Marvel and not Captain.
    Wonder if we are being geared up for her by appearing or not in this upcoming Ultron appearance in the new Avengers movie. If so great as Marvel doesn't have any real strong female heros who are independent and not part of teams.
    For me Miss Danvers has been the Marvel equivalent of DCs Wonder Woman.

  7. Thanks Karl - yip sure seems like a clean sweep so far! The Avengers sequel would be a great debut. Her Kree heritage would also lead into the cosmic Marvel films aswell. And another vote for Ms. over Captain. Great stuff!