Thursday, September 05, 2013

THE YEAR OF THE POPCORN: 10 Movies That Fully Book You For 2015

Having kids? Travelling outside a movie cinema? Do it in 2014, because 2015 is chocka with hit movies you won't want to miss. While film release date 'musical chairs' may still occur, here are ten of 2015's biggest, lining up to fuel a popcorn addiction near you.

 THE FANTASTIC FOUR  March 6, 2015 
Directed by Chronicle creator Josh Trank, Fox's reboot of the foursome has locked in X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn as producer. Rumours swirl over cast members, yet despite younger stars in the crosshairs, nothing official has been stated.

 ASSASSIN'S CREED  June 19, 2015 
'I can play Magneto OR Sinestro' Michael Fassbender will star in the lead role of this video game phenomenon adaptation, and also sit in the producer's chair. Fox and Ubisoft have a script good to go.

 SUPERMAN/BATMAN  July 17, 2015 
No official villain or title yet, but this is the one the world's watching. Announcements so far, like Ben Affleck as Batman even make prime-time news here in New Zealand.

The first onscreen pairing of pop's biggest icons, Henry Cavill rejoins Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane in reprising their Man of Steel roles. The Zack Snyder film (scripted by David S. Goyer off an idea he and Snyder shared), also features Christopher Nolan as an Executive Producer. Filming starts shortly.

 BOND 24  November 6, 2015 
If Marvel Studios' Ant-Man moves in dates, it's because the studio currently has him set to debut the same week as director Sam Mendes Skyfall follow up, Bond 24. Presumably expanding upon the new M (Ralph Fiennes) and Moneypenny (Naomie Harris), writer John Logan is also returning to help ensure the calibre of film continues.

J.J. Abrams takes the helm as director on Disney's first Star Wars film as owners of the franchise. Filming in London, with Michael Arndt on screenplay and John Williams on score,  urban legend is the tale follows the descendants of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Leia, with all three original actors rumoured to drop in at some point.

Want to find me in my birthday month? I'll be camping out for this. Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Ultron debut in a Loki-free sequel, with expanded roles planned for both Hawkeye and Black Widow. Filming begins in March, high-hopes are already in place.

 TERMINATOR  June 26 2015 
The first film in a franchise, Terminator has a screenplay, and an entirely new cast of characters may debut as a result.

 ANT-MAN  November 6, 2015 
Ant-Man beats Wonder Woman to a solo movie. I'm sure that was a sign of the Apocalypse. Edgar Wright's directing the diminutive hero, the script is done and pre-production starts next month.

 FINDING DORY  November 25, 2015 
Following up the second highest grossing film of all time, but set one year later, Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton returns with Ellen Degeneres for a film starring, well, Dory. Looking for her parents (voiced by Diane Keaton and Eugene Levyare), with the aid of Marlin (Albert Brooks) and a young beluga whale, voiced by Ty Burrell.

The second video game on the list, Legendary Pictures has teased a 2015 release for this adaptation of World of Warcraft. Test footage was well received at Comic Con, with a Lord of the Rings - full fantasy approach. Production starts in January, so no doubt gamers will log-in to new details before the new year.

What do you think?  What films of 2015 have you already booked in? The new Jurrassic Park? The next Kung-Fu Panda? Let me know.


  1. Honestly? The ones I'm most worried about are the video game adaptations. They've never done a truly successful one (Resident Evil was good, but not great) and they almost always manage to get in their own way.
    It'll be an exciting year, in any event. I'll have to pick and choose which ones I'm truly dying to see on the big screen because there's no way I can take all the kids to see every one. And they'll be begging.

  2. Just to clarify, I'm not complaining about the amount of good geek movies available. I'm thrilled. I'm over the moon that my kids are old enough to get as excited as I am about it. And wear the t-shirts to the movies like I do.

  3. Obviously the upcoming FF movie is one for me to look forward to, but all the talk of it filming in Illinois [not New York] and a cast of young 'uns leaves me worried it'll be too much 'Spy Kids'.
    ANOTHER Terminator film? Surely theyvr rung every possible permutation out of this franchise by now...

  4. I'm with you Caig, FF is the one I have the most heartfelt props for, and while I've never played the game, Michael Fassbender as the Assassins Creed character seems a brilliant pic to me. That could easily be a sleeper hit if done right.

    Like you Random I'd love to see them all from Bond to AntMan, but being able to get the time will be the trick!

  5. Dan, I played the first two. Well, one and a half. (Still haven't finished the second, cause y'know, Life). They're beautiful, highly engrossing games. I've got no beef with them attempting it. I'm just wary of any video game movie at this point. They need to prove to me they can make one that actually lives up to the expectations. Kind of like the comic book movies did. If the Assassins Creed people do it right, I'll feel better about Mass Effect diving in, Uncharted, etc. But it's a lot of holding breath. I think the timing is right now, with the writers and studios finally catching on as to what goes on in the heads of fandom at least somewhat. But it's a lot of holding breath and being cautiously optimistic. If you think comic book fans are hard on movie studios and nitpicky about their adaptations, you should see what gamers do just to the studios that produce sequals of their games, much less scripts based off of them.

  6. Completely agree Random. Mortal Kombat 2, Street Fighter, the DVD store is litered with failed attempts. I liked the first Resident Evil and lived The Rock in DOOM, but it is definitely a hard road to go. I thought Final Fantasy VII would be an obvious hit, but they abandoned all known characters for the movie The Spirits Within, it stank, then they did a direct to DVD release of a movie using those characters Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, which was way superior.

    Crazy stuff!

    Guess its hard without a fleshed out script to draw from like comics have, still I hope to get a decent quality hit some day! :)

  7. I do too. I think harder than the non fleshed out script is all the choices in the realm of video games these days. Every one has an idea how their game went, and they want their movie to slide that direction. I know when they announced that the Mass Effect movie would involve a Male Shepard, everyone who played the FemShep roared an unholy roar. Which isn't really fair. They had to pick one. I think if they just found a solid writer who loved the source material, and good directors who did likewise (such as they've done with comics) they'd come up with something that even most gamers could cheer for. But like I said, gamers are a whinier bunch than most. It's why I don't go on those blogs. I just play my games and read the fanfiction. :)

  8. You are so right on that one. I know that's how it was for me with Resident Evil. I loved the first few games in that series... but the movies seemed such a change from the lath i walked (with the light off the entire time I might add)!

  9. Because that's the only way to play that game. So if someone walks up behind you you either jump ten feet straight up or whip around and smack them.