Tuesday, October 22, 2013

BOONIST! The Left Handed Monkey Narrates As He Paints Archer And Armstrong

When you are named the best buddy book on the stands by Ain't It Cool News, you've got to be worth a tribute or two. One fan of Valiant's relaunched Archer and Armstrong has a son that decided the best gift he could get his Dad, was a commision by painter The Left Handed Monkey of the humorous duo.

However Monkey doesn't just video himself painting the mismatched men, he summarises their history, making for some pretty interesting watching. Check it out here;

 What Do You Think? 


  1. That is an incredibly accurate painting. Not just in technique, but keeping the personalities of the subjects in line. I love it. It might just replace my Order of the Stick wallpaper.

  2. Thanks Random - I like the narration too, even down to Acclaim, this guy knows how to make painting entertaining.