Tuesday, October 08, 2013

GET OVER HERE! Second Series Of Mortal Kombat Legacy Sees The Chosen One Fall

For a video game series famous for decapitations and spinal column withdrawals, Mortal Kombat has at it's unremoved heart a series of fantastic conflicted relationships. More than just the clans of Scorpion vs Sub-Zero, the smash-hit webisode series Mortal Kombat Legacy is back to thrust the best of these conflicts through a second batch of ten interwoven episodes, and you won't believe the shots it fires.  

Starring Casper Starship Troopers Van Dien as Johnny Cage, martial arts expert/Iron Chef America's Mark Dacascos as Kung Lao, and recasting Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa in his iconic role as Shang Tsung, the cast additions reflect producers, Warner Bros' desire to nab director Kevin Tancharoen and get him working towards a Mortal Kombat film. A film currently set for 2015. 

Focusing on more budget friendly characters like Sub-Zero (Eric Steinberg) and Kitana (Samantha Jo), doesn't mean the production team hold anything back. Armed with a bigger budget and more resources, their characters not only look meaner, their Scorpion (Ian Anthony Dale) transports and moves with all the savagery a spirit of vengeance like Hanzo Hasashi actually should.

With additional props going to whoever made Scorpion's costume look burnt, as if Hanzo had literally been to hell and back, the dissent of Liu Kang (Brian Tee) is my top plot strand. Kang and Kano were the characters who stole all my arcade money and Liu in turn here eats up every second he is on screen. Although it seems in this fatality-filled series, redemption is a distant path for the Mortal Kombat klassic.

The first episode of season two is below, and the other nine can be found already live and active over on Machinima's YouTube channel.

 What do you think? 


  1. Mark Dacascos is always good value in any fantast film.
    Casper Von Diem...one of my friends had a mad crush on him as he always played goody-two-shoes in his early career, and she renamed him Casper Von Persil[!] [Persil being a major washing powder here in the UK].

  2. Hey Karl, one of my friends had a Casper crush to. He could quote all of his ST lines without error right through the whole movie! While we have Persil here to, I don't think he gave him a nickname (that he told us off anyway).

  3. Cool WW pic in your 'brief news' bit today, Dan.

  4. Thanks Karl, it's by Chris Bachalo for the collectible card game DC had not so long ago. Chris is one of my top three artists, WW one of my fav DC ladies, so squeezing either into IADW let alone both, is always good!