Saturday, October 05, 2013

IT'S ALIVE: First Trailer For I Frankenstein Separates Angels From Demons

Aaron Eckhart did a great job as Harvey Dent in the now iconic film, The Dark Knight, but this time it is more than half his face that is getting sewn together on the borders of a war between good and evil. 

This time he's Adam Frankenstein, and in the first trailer for I, Frankenstein, from the producers of Underworld, he's enacting judgement without the help of a coin.

How cool were those angel transformations and the Frankenstein army jumping off the roof? This comic-book based film strikes January 2014, and while I wish ol' Frank had kept his gruffer 'Vandal Savage' type look than age into a modern metrosexual, it does look like a decent fight and popcorn munch is on the cards. 

 What do you think? 


  1. Have you ever seen him in 'Thank You for Smoking' and 'Your Friends and Neighbours' cracking actor; he has that odd 'ugly/handsome' thing about his looks.

  2. I haven't seen either of those films Karl, but will add them to my must watch list. I think he is the most unsung part of The Dark Knight, his Dent was incredible - so it is good to see him headline his own film. And his voice! It's perfect for Frankenstein's monster.

    On that note there is another Frankenstein film out next year too. It claims to be more based on the original material, so I wonder if it's monster remains unnamed. In the book, it was always Dr Frankenstein's monster, only Hollywood gave it the title it's known by. Small thing I know, but as it's a name, it's a big thing too.

  3. In Hollywood it's the tagline that gets remembered. In the book he was actually quite verbose too. Not the muted grunt you see in the Boris Karloff picture.
    This looks fantastic, and I've been a huge fan of Eckhart since "Thank You For Smoking". He's what got me excited about the second Batman film. And it's got Yvonne in it!!! I'll watch her do anything at this point, but I'm glad she's keeping to sci-fi/comic book realm. Somehow it makes me feel that if they ever get as far as a Mass Effect 2 movie we might get a chance at actually seeing her play Miranda in person, and not just in voice.

  4. Thanks Random - I'm kinda surprised the film is getting such a low profile around the web. I know January isn't the best month for film releases, but I really like the looks of this one, and think it could stand where Van Helsing didn't quite deliver. Guess we'll see!