Tuesday, October 29, 2013

MARCH OF THE SUPERMEN: Ohio State Halftime Show Includes Man Of Steel Tribute

In New Zealand, our main game is rugby union - you know: The All Blacks. At half-time, there isn't really that much of a 'half time show'. Not that I would know, I'm generally the guy running for a tub of hot chips and heaps of tomato sauce.

Still over in American football America, half-time is big business. 'Hollywood production planning' big. So when Ohio State University Marching Band recently needed a theme for their halftime routine, they ran with a salute to the biggest blockbusters of the last few years, films like Man of Steel, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Pirates of The Caribbean and more. Hit play and see what I mean;

From Buckeyes to bullseyes - that was fantastic! Why wasn't Spider-Man 3 included in the homage? Because I said "the biggest blockbusters" not the ones you're still trying to erase the taste of from your mouth.

 What do you think? 


  1. Suprisingly(but not to me) I'm not a big sports fan, but that Superman tribute, especially considering this year marks his 75th birthday, is a nice touch.

    I will go on record to say though, Rugby is probably the more manlier of the two, what with no helmets and all. Then again, maybe that makes American Football players slightly smarter?

  2. Or maybe they just needed to find a way to keep the 80's dream of pads for larger looking shoulders alive - who knows the way the world works?

    Us kiwis like physical sports but we always remember protection at the applicable times. You know, never tugging on Superman's cape that kind of thing.

    I hope I still have abs when I'm 75, though if I could swap them for heat vision I would. Let's face it, who wouldn't?