Thursday, October 10, 2013

NOW COMES THE COSPLAYER: Black Cat, Vincent and Black Canary

With NYCC moments away, hundreds of 'Con goers are suiting up as Cable, Firestorm and more, ready to strut their stuff through the convention halls. Before next week's bumper sized Now Comes The Cosplayer NYCC hindsight special, lets take a look at three who can provide any NYCC bound cosplayer with a decent dose of inspiration.

Not the most action packed Black Cat photo ever, but the street setting makes this one Felicia Hardy that's hard to forget! Illustrators listen up - Beethy is after people to draw her photos - find out more here.

Final Fantasy VII is a goldmine that needs further exploration - in comics or otherwise. Characters like the smokey teleporter Vincent here still have so much to offer! All this guy needs is a Sephiroth behind him and it'd be a movie preview quality shot.

Sticking with the black leather theme...

While this lovely lass seems a little too soft to emit a Canary Cry, I'd wager the rogues galleries of the DCU are littered with defeated souls who once thought the same. Here, Black Canary is more than Amazo, she's just wicked.

 What do you think? 


  1. Whoa! The Black Cat chick looks good, but Black Canary? Fucking hot!!!!
    If she was my girl, I'd give her something nice and warm to help her relax those hard-working pipes;)

  2. I'm impressed with that Black Cat. You don't see a lot of them with the fur attached, and that makes all the difference.

  3. A Milo Dale? A lemon lozenge? A scarf? All of the above? I always thought you were a considerate dude. This just proves it.

    Random, I reckon too. If I saw that photo been taken I would run around thinking that dream of waking up in Marvel continuity had actually happened. First step; look for a radioactive spider or disposed Hobgoblin glider. The balance of good and evil will be decided by which comes first!

  4. The Two-face guide to career path determination? Nice.