Thursday, October 03, 2013

NOW COMES THE COSPLAYER: Gamora, Wonder Woman And Arisia

With all the Wonder Woman buzz of the week still in effect, it only does justice to the character, that this week's Cosplay spotlight features not only the Amazon too, but some of comics other warrior women. First up, the most dangerous lady in the cosmos, Gamora;

Callie Cosplay has her own website here, of all her best costume creations, but this series of photos with her as Marvel's 'other' green skinned lass, is absolutely mindblowing. Check the IADW Facebook page for an extra shot of the guardian of the galaxy.

Now for that Wonder Woman I promised...

The Hall of Justice (Cincinnati Union Station), with its semi-greek design really brings out the gladiator spirit in this version of Diana! Miracole Burns makes for an imposing 'Injustice Wonder Woman', and the photography by theportraitdude really brings the design by Marco Nalor to life. I really dig the modified tiara. 

Heading back to the less usual cosplay choices, how about another green lady? This time of the DC variety...

Who wouldn't pause from GL duties to share a drink or two with Arisia? Another incredible shoot by Jay Tablante, she doesn't need to wield a power ring to be centre of attention!

 What do you think? 


  1. Those are excellent shots. I'm really impressed with the lighting or whatever they did on the Arisia one, but the Wonder Woman in front of the Cincinnati Union Station is my favorite. I've been there, and it's absolutely just that imposing in real life. It looks better with her standing in front of it though.

  2. I think that woman could stand outside a wet cardboard box and still make it seem majestic Random. Still I'd be the guy who now went to the cashier at the Union Station and consistently asked if I could speak to John Jones. But that's me - cheap laughs all round.

  3. At the time I was with some people who didn't quite know what the Hall of Justice was. My attempts to ask where the Snapper Carr was hiding didn't go over very well.

  4. oh! oh! oh! . . you know what i'm talkin about,oh.

  5. Smashing WW cosplay!