Thursday, October 24, 2013

NOW COMES THE COSPLAYER: The New Warriors, Blue Beetle, Dr Manhattan and Donna Troy

Wasn't it great that so much of the news from NYCC 2013 wasn't about movies, online media or video games, but rather about comics? It has been too long my friends, too long. One of the biggest hits for me, the imminent return of The New Warriors at Marvel. You know these folks;

Photographed by the awesomely talented Pat Loika, don't get me started on why Marvel originally went with a brown 'Kid Nova' in New Warriors, just focus on the fact that's one hell of a Night Thrasher! 

I used to literally race to the bookstore to get every issue of the original series. The team's return has underscored how characters we grew up with actually are 'friends'. We invest in the characters, their lives, and enjoy seeing familiar faces return, treated well. Of course 'heroes needing to return' translates in comicnesse to..

Seeing this shot of 'Blue Beetle' just reminded me all over again how much I miss Ted Kord in the DCU. Even the smile is perfect! By contrast I thought it was cool placing Dr Manhattan beside him, as Watchmen was based on Blue Beetle and co, plus I'm not quite sure if cosplayer Daniel Lange from Norway painted himself that way, or the Norwegian cold does that to you if you step outdoors wearing a less concealing outfit than what Blue Beetle has! 

Of course if I start the post with characters that feel like home, I better end with one too...

(Sigh) Donna Troy may have aged (and been removed from the current DCU) but she never had a better costume than this one. The heart of the New Teen Titans as much as Grayson was the soul, this cosplayer shot by Paul Hillier, really captures the down-to-earth appeal that made Wonder Woman's 'sister' seem like one of us for so long.

 What do you think? 


  1. Wow! Love them all, Donna Troy too, but shit, NEW WARRIORS cosplay! Sweet as!!!!

  2. nice cosplay photos but i sure wish Turbo was also among the New Warriors there. as for the Dr. Manhattan i sure hope that's not submarine paint he used :)

  3. Lol I think that Hulk guy is still scrubbing Dave!

    You say Turbo's missing, I say Darkhawk is, but like Dale states it's just cool some gang put the team together!

    Thanks guys

  4. I certainly hope everyone has learned their lesson about submarine paint. It should be an instructional safety video for conventions and Halloween.
    You see a lot of groups at these, but usually it's a Bat group, Halo Marines, or lately, the Avengers. It's nice to see an old favorite brought to life like that. Now, can we get a group of The Defenders?
    I think that's the best Donna Troy cosplay I've ever seen. She used the classic costume, and didn't flake out and go for the black. Now we need a Starfire, a couple of poles, and some rafts. Then we can recreate some training scenes.

  5. Who dosent love the wonder that is Donna Troy?
    Long been a fan of her red outfit - her OFFICIAL Wonder Girl costume for many. I do like her later 'black star-field' one she wore for the later Titans but its her red that always gets me. The blue-black boots just do it for me.
    Cool cosplays for Blue Beetle, Night Thrasher [Jesus, that looks real] and Dr. Manhattan. Youre right - it MUST be cold!

  6. This is just cool. Cool indeed.

  7. Thanks Random, OA and Karl - glad you all liked this week's picks!

    Karl, the red jumpsuit maybe 80's as hell, but like you, it's THE Wonder Girl costume for me, and only Donna can make it work.

    Random, I even like how the model as Donna's kind of haircut. She really does look like a Phil Jimenez drawing made life! As for cat fight training, I had Starfire in last weeks batch. Now we just need them to meet!

  8. Exactly! Go make that happen!

  9. What I liked most about donna's red costume was in its early days [the 70s] she had a long gold necklace/pendant with a WW eagle on it. I recall a two-parter with Donna in the WW comic where she wore this, and in the brief 70s revival of the Titans.

    On a current note, today is officially the day WW made her first ever appearance, in All-Star Comics!

  10. Jeez aye Karl, that's quite a milestone! Classic cover that issue too. Here's hoping her upcoming 75th is treated as well as Batman and Superman's will be!

  11. That's us as New Warriors!!!! We are actually missing Namorita, who costumed with us the day before at Dragon Con.

  12. That's us as New Warriors! We're actually missing Namorita, who was with us the day before at Dragon Con. My partner, George W. Lewis III, is Night Thrasher, this was all his idea. :)

  13. Welcome to IADW greenarrowfl, and thanks for taking the time to comment! As you can see the photo has proved a hit - you all did fantastic jobs!

    I did think Nita and Sil were the only missing founders, so thanks for helping out with the backstory. As a massive New Warriors fan it was great seeing all the time and effort you guys put in!