Friday, October 11, 2013

NOW THAT'S A SPLASH PAGE: Michael Turner's Wonder Woman Slides In

Splash pages, you gotta love 'em. A blank canvas where the artist can hit you with a large dose of illustrated 'wow'. This week, it's another splash showing that the true danger of Superman is that he always has Wonder Woman watching his back. Drawn by the late great king of comic women, Michael Turner.

One of Diana's most semi-forgotten powers is her speed, not in flight but on land. One of Mark Waid's first things as writer on JLA was to have her race The Flash, and this baseball slide in front of Darkseid's omega beams from the pages of Superman/Batman was another great reminder of her abilities.

If Darkseid thought he had the market cornered on 'Female Furies', he's just discovered how wrong he is.

 What do you think?  For more great splash pages, click here.


  1. Ohncertainly WWs not to be messes with, no siree. Darkseid himself discovered that to his cost when she left him with a sliver of her soul when the Amazons helped him during 'Worlds at War', and in your post she was the perfect person to teach Kara on Themyscira when she first appeared.
    Course Diana's raced the Flash before - both in the Rucka run when she helped -some may say hindered- him in putting out a forest fire, and later when Reverse Flash helped the Cheetah develop speed powers and Diana crossed over into his own book.
    Id have loved to see Turner do a spot on WW - that wont happen now, but we do have his brief Superman/Batman book with her.

  2. Thanks Karl - yeah I remember those races. I never quite got the just of Rucka's one, but still anytime those Titans square off it's good value!

    I always wanted to see Turner do a run on Birds of Prey. In Superman Batman he drew a brilliant Big Barda, Supergirl and Wonder Woman, it was time to see his more ground-bound females in action! Like you say though, unfortunately some great runners in their field run out of track too soon.

  3. There is nothing better than when DC's females are written (and drawn) correctly. They're powerhouses that go toe to toe with anything thrown at them, mentally, emotionally, physically. And that picture just sums it up. I always loved her bracelets, small shields that utilized her speed to deflect harm from herself and others.

  4. Thanks folks - looks like this one's a hit! I always loved how the caption spoke of the worlds most powerful being then the image had him hiding behind Diana. Wanna adjust that ranking some?