Tuesday, October 08, 2013

RANDOM WORK OF WOW: Guy Bourraine Jr's Live Action Concept Design For The Flash

Sometimes you stumble across a portfolio where the artist only has a couple of comic based pieces, other times there can be just one work so brilliant, you'd risk being stoned to death by fellow art lovers for putting something else beside it. These are Random Works of Wow and illustrating the point this week is Guy Bourraine Jr with his concept art for a live action Scarlet Speedster.

While I'm not 110% sold on the visor, I do like the fact Flash (Flash fact?) looks like someone who would be seen on a bobsled team, in a super-sportsuit of sorts. If the yellow stripes glowed with speed force, it could really be electric on screen!

 What do you think?  Sound off below, click to enlarge or view more Random Works of Wow here. To see more of Guy's style, click here.


  1. That would be a cool special effect. But I'm with you on the visor. No need for it. Just distracts from the overall flashiness

  2. Not baaaad, but still preferring the 'Wesley Shipp' look.

    Granted he was a bit TOO bulky, but still cooler.

  3. @david_b: thumbs up to you sir on that. Those who grew up with Wesley Shipp as Flash during that era will never forget how cool and good they nailed him in the first shot, plus the Danny Elfman theme helped sell it.

    Not 100% on the visor either, but it could work. This outfit looks like a Flash and Tron mash-up, which the artist may have been going for. Not bad overall.

  4. Thanks folks! When you're dealing with one of comics best designed suits as a starting point, It must be pretty tricky going forward. David, I think the Shipp Flash is my top other media comic of all time, so agree with you that that suit is still in the game.

    Random "flashiness"? Nice ;)

    Dale, Danny Elfman was like Bruce Timm wasn't he. He really brought his A-game to so many great movies and shows, especially when characters stepped outside comics.