Wednesday, October 09, 2013

SHE'S GOT JENNY WALTER'S EYES: She-Hulk / Red Hulk Thigh Tattoo Proves Pure Muscle

When Scott Jones went into be tattooed by the ultra-talented Matt Lapping, the sport fan wanted The Hulk emblazoned in ink on his thigh. When the idea of adding She-Hulk struck, both artist and canvas agreed it wouldn't be easy being green, and opted to mix up the colour pallet by inking in Red Hulk instead.

17 hours (plus touch-ups) went into this gamma-radiating work or cool - winning best large colour at the Brighton Tattoo Convention in the UK. And so it should. Not only is the art flawless for a 3D canvas, those colours would be hard to beat if you even had 12 of comics top colourists advising on the sidelines!

Red Hulk may be bigger, but it sure seems like She-Hulk is still the one you don't want to mess with!

 What do you think? 


  1. A good tattoo artist can take any art form and put it on a muscle. This is beautiful! You don't see a lot of Red Hulks out there.

  2. Wow! Yeah, the color separation part can be a bitch, depending on the skill of the tattoo artist, so mad props to the guy who did this. Shulkie never looked hotter on someone's arm;)

  3. I got the She-Hulk comic when it first came out back in late 79 here in the UK, didn't think that much of it but loved her when she joined the FF from '84 thru to '87. John Byrne comes in for many criticisms [wanted and unwarranted] but introducing her to the FF was the best thing he did - he really improved her character and made her funny and likeable.
    I got all her different series and they were all a bit hit-and-miss for me, but her FF stint is always a decent read, esp as her first issue on the team coincided with me leaving school [darn, shown my age there]. Funny, just yesterday I came across her 1985 Graphic Novel [the one with the notorious strip-search scene]. She-Hulk's tattoos are rare but always welcome.

  4. Thanks guys! For me it's hard to think She-Hulk wasn't the first part of this tattoo, but rather an addition! Jen easily steals the show here. Glad this thigh tattoo was an agent of S.M.A.S.H for you all.