Monday, October 14, 2013

THE COMICS' BEAT: Superman In Billy Idol's 'White Wedding'

Mondays. They are worse than Dr Doom and after a heavy one, it can be a little hard to get the drum pumping again for the week ahead. As a former DJ, each Monday I dig into my collection, and chuck up a hit nodding to comics' best.

This week, I realised so far it has been an all-Marvel affair. So I thought I'd readjust the balance, with a more mainstream track featuring the most sung about hero of all, Superman. What do you know, it's White Wedding, by one of my main musical addictions of the 80's, Billy Idol.

"Hey little sister who's your Superman?
Hey little sister who's the one you want?
Hey little sister shot gun!'"

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  1. Oh Billy. No one can think of the 80's without hearing this song in their head. I remember reading once that it was written as a slap in the face to his sister when she got pregnant and married the baby daddy. I don't know if that's true, but if Supes was the daddy I'm pretty sure most girls would say yes. If Lois hadn't clawed their eyes out yet.

  2. National Enquirer headline 'I have Superman's Lovechild' - you know somewhere in the DCU that stuff is going down huh Random.

    Mind you if the new DC really does have a rule against character's getting married, it's probably safe to say characters having babies are ruled out too - especially the big guy. Still, there's no harm in trying.

  3. And that's where, in the case of the new DC, I say "I refuse your reality and insert my own."

  4. ha, was wondering when you;d get to this one Dan. As always, especially with this column, you never fail to entertain and/or inform. Keep it up Dan, and as always you and your mum are in my prayers:)

    True Story:)

  5. Thanks Dale, thanks for the feedback on my site overall too. At Mums till Friday, so the next few days I'm posting with an active volcano out the window. What a great comic setting huh?