Monday, October 28, 2013

THE COMICS' BEAT: Thor In Manowar's 'Thor The Powerhead'

Mondays. They are worse than Dr Doom and after a heavy one, it can be a little hard to get the drum pumping again for the week ahead. As a former DJ, each Monday I dig into my collection, and chuck up a hit nodding to comics' best.

This week, with Thor The Dark World set to smash into cinemas and create legions of new fans in just a few days, I thought 'Hey, lets have an Asgardian song to match'. Luckily Manowar not only thrash out such a ditty, by Odin's beard, they have it live and in HD as well.

"Thor the mighty, Thor the brave
Crush the infidels in your way
By your hammer let none be saved
Live to die on that final day
Gods, Monsters and men
Will die together in the end"

 What do you think?  For the full lyrics to this song, click here. To buy this track, visit and join me back here next Monday for another Comic Beat!


  1. Plus, they all look like extras from Beowulf. :) Couldn't ask for more.

  2. Thanks Random! Now if the song could just squeeze in a Thor vs X-O Manowar verse, the name of the band would lead into a song drowning in comic cool.

    Afterall, a barbarian in a suit of armour is just as cosmic and savage as a Norse God of Thunder!

  3. How have I not already heard about this? With a name like Manowar, it just seems like a natural combination to include Thor in their song list. Hell add Conan, Kull, and any other barbarian character to that list.

    Speaking of Thor, I'm surprised you haven't included any Black/Death Metal from his home area of that side of the globe yet.

  4. You know Dale - I have such a mental breakdown over what genre to feature each week I've never even thought of nationality spread. If I end up in Arkham next week as a result, don't feel bad, no one will look back on this and blame you.

    Next week we're going rock, but not as you might think, and the week after we look at a super villain, so while I'm asking my inmates what the difference is between a joke and a riddle, and getting the Mad Hatter to ask Poison Ivy if there's a door in her garden that leads to wonderland, at least you'll have some great tunes to tune into.